Love and Madness x ‘Star Wars’ Jewelry Coming to Gamestop on May 4

Love and Madness has teamed up with Gamespot and ThinkGeek to bring their unique Star Wars accessories to fans across the nation on May 4, 2016, also popularly known as May the Fourth. Ranging from $5 to $50, the collection includes midi rings, necklaces, hair ties, temporary tattoos, and much more.

According to Lisa Granshaw at The Daily Dot, the independent jewelry company has more Star Wars pieces in the planning and production stages as well as some items similar to the Star Wars Crawl Bracelet (seen at the top left corner) that will be released in the next year or so.

“We’re also starting now to work on our higher-end pieces which you won’t see until the end of the year and those will be in the Nordstroms and whatnot of the world,” said the president of Love and Madness, Heather McAvoy, during the interview.

Love and Madness is easily my favorite Star Wars jewelry company. I pre-ordered my crawl bracelet earlier in February and they announced through Instagram that the shipments will be going out on April 15, 2016. Make sure to place your orders for this specific item soon, since they have less than 100 left and they will not be bringing back this color combination (except for conventions).

Go follow Love and Madness on Twitter and Instagram for more updates!

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