UPDATED: Sneak Peek at New Crawl Wraps from Love and Madness

Love and Madness gave fans a sneak peek at two pieces coming soon to their Star Wars collection.

The original crawl wrap was gold plated on black leather and the new crawl wraps come in two different colors: silver plated on a grey base and gold plated on a gold base. Each wrap is 3 feet long and contains the opening scroll for A New Hope.

No other information was released regarding when the wraps would go on sale.

Make sure to place your orders for the original wrap soon, since they have less than 100 left and they will not be bringing back this particular color combination (except for conventions).

Go follow Love and Madness on Twitter and Instagram for more updates!

UPDATE, 4/19/2016: Me and a few others asked Love and Madness on Instagram when these would arrive. They replied with, “We will release these in roughly 4 weeks.” So roughly some time in mid-May. Looking forward to it!

(Photo: Love and Madness)

3 comments on “UPDATED: Sneak Peek at New Crawl Wraps from Love and Madness

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  2. This is just amazing! I absolutely “need” the black and silver. WOW!

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