Review: ‘Star Wars’ Logo Silver Ring by Love and Madness

(Photo: The Wookiee Gunner)

From the growing collection at Kay Jewelers to the popular Alex and Ani bangle releases at the Disney Parks, Star Wars jewelry is turning up everywhere! One of my favorite brands first caught my attention at last year’s New York Comic Con.

Independent jewelry company Love and Madness has a wonderful selection of Star Wars midi rings that come in 14K gold plated or silver plated brass. The Star Wars logo midi ring was my first purchase from Love and Madness back in November 2015 and it was also my first midi ring! For those not familiar, a midi ring sits above the second knuckle and they can be used to complement other rings in stylish ways. I never really got into them before, but I adore them now because of Love and Madness.

All of the midi rings in their collection are adjustable with an initial diameter of about 1.5 mm, so you don’t have to worry about them not fitting. Also, when it comes to jewelry, one of my main concerns is whether it’ll turn my skin green. Thankfully, since the midi ring is made with brass as the base metal and it’s covered with a protective and shiny finish, I haven’t had that issue.

My midi ring also arrived in the cutest black pouch with the Star Wars x Love and Madness logo imprinted in silver lettering. It’s the perfect way to keep your Love and Madness jewelry separate from your other jewelry and away from sunlight and dust.

Overall, I think it’s a great piece of geek jewelry to add to your current collection. I can’t say for sure, but I think Love and Madness is the only brand making Star Wars inspired midi rings, and that’s what I love most about this company, the fact that they do very unique pieces. So if you’re looking to change things up and give your geeky styling a modern twist, I highly recommend purchasing a midi ring from Love and Madness.

The Star Wars logo midi ring is available at $20 USD. You can also purchase the gold plated Star Wars logo midi ring, if you prefer that color compared to the silver. I also recently purchased the Star Wars gold bangle and Crawl Wrap, so I’m really looking forward to reviewing those two pieces. In the meantime, make sure to follow Love and Madness on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more updates!

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