Second Wave of Irregular Choice ‘Star Wars’ Shoes Coming Soon

Irregular Choice x Star Wars Logo

Irregular Choice recently announced that a phase two of Star Wars shoes will be coming soon. According to the announcement, which was posted throughout social media, “After amazing success taking our ‘first step into a larger world’ with our first Star Wars™ collection, we now make the jump to lightspeed with an all new fleet of shoes.”

May 4, 2016, is just around the corner and this day is popularly known as Star Wars Day, so could we expect the new collection to launch then? Some fans have asked for a specific date, but Irregular Choice has only responded with “soon,” giving us the impression that we should take the word literally. Other fans are excited about what the collection will contain in terms of design. The first collection focused on old trilogy characters. Could this upcoming collection see shoes inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Some fans are already excited at the idea of a BB-8 shoe, so we’ll have to wait and see.

The first collection consisted of 14 styles and ranged between $168 and $422. On the day of the first wave’s release, many fans experienced technical issues with the website. Since then, Irregular Choice has changed the layout, so here’s hoping that won’t happen again. Also, due to the change, if you had an account with them, you’ll have to create a new one (if you haven’t done so already). Head on over to the Irregular Choice site to get that sorted in time for this new collection.

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