Fan Artist Spotlight: Ryan van der Meer

Today’s spotlight is on Ryan van der Meer! Ryan is a traditional artist and only uses pencils and inks on paper with no digital applications.

“I am a massive Star Wars fan and have been a fan ever since primary school when my mother introduced the franchise to me,” he said in response to one of our Fan Artist Spotlight questions. “The portrait of Kylo Ren [is] my favourite of all time, mostly because of how happy I was with the mask and the reflections of the lightsaber onto our favourite Knight of Ren.”

“The best thing about being an artist for me is remaining out of the digital world and using traditional techniques to create art based on characters I love, [and] obviously, capturing the likeness of these characters is at times immensely challenging.”

Ryan is also a fan of the Star Wars Rebels animated series. At the time when he submitted his answers to us, he said, “I am incredibly excited for the return of Star Wars Rebels season 2, in particular how Ahsoka will deal emotionally with the discovery of Vader’s identity.”

Finally, as for the his thoughts regarding the sequel following Return of the Jedi, he said, “The Force Awakens was a dream come true, a masterful film to say the least. The best way I express my love for Star Wars is by drawing its characters and immortalising them in my sketch pad!”

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