Irregular Choice Teases New R2-D2 Flats From Their Second ‘Star Wars’ Collection

Start saving up because Irregular Choice recently announced a second collection of Star Wars shoes, especially since their first collection was so successful back in October 2015. Many fans were hoping the shoes would be based on characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but this time, Irregular Choice will be bringing you more of your favorite characters from the original trilogy. Expect some stormtroopers, maybe? Or Darth Vader? Or C-3PO?

You can definitely expect to see R2-D2 thrown in the mix, as seen in the latest tease of what’s to come. The R2-D2 flat features the astromech’s iconic design embroidered on the toe cap and glitter everywhere! In the first collection, C-3PO was featured on a pair of flats that went for $168.

Take a closer look at the R2-D2 flats below and expect a new tease on Friday, May 6. The phase two Star Wars collection by Irregular Choice will be coming out on Friday, May 27, 2016.







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