Fan Artist Spotlight: Alyyks

Today’s spotlight is on alyyks! Alyyks grew up in France and has been living in the United States for the past six years. By day, she is an illustrator and graphic designer for digital design, and by night and other quiet moments throughout the day, she spends her time doodling and writing online.

To find more artwork by alyyks, visit her Tumblr.

When and how did you become a Star Wars fan?

Growing up, reading science fiction in all the shapes and forms I could find—from my father’s old paperback books to European comics—really paved the way to seeing Episode I when I was 11 and then just completely falling in love. I had seen the posters for the original trilogy release in 1997 before and had a vague knowledge of the story, but Episode I was really the click that took me to “Yep, I’m on board for all of this. I’m a fan.” More recently, The Clone Wars rekindled that love, and there’s really been no going back.

What tools do you use to create your art?

I have an old Intuos3 tablet that’s still alive and kicking after all these years that does the bulk of the work with Photoshop, and sometimes, MangaStudio.

I also keep a sketchbook, and anything goes to work there—pencil, brush ink, bic pens, the odd splash of watercolor—and some sketches get upgraded with Photoshop tweaking.

What is your favorite Star Wars piece that you have created and why are you fond of it?

Right now it’s this piece (as seen below) with Ahsoka and Eclipse, a clone trooper OC (original character). There’s something very quiet about it that’s quite a contrast to the series that I really like, and it’s also the best portrait of Ahsoka I have done.

What’s the best and most difficult thing about being an artist?

There’s no way to stop!

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to pursue art as a hobby or profession?

Art is both my hobby and profession, but I still feel there’s a difference between the two pursuits. Profession, there’s more the idea of delivering a final product—something that fits a specific criteria. Hobby, well, it’s for me and it can be as refined or rough as I feel like. The only pressure is the one I put on myself. But in both cases, there’s no secret: do things, make things, and make more things. That’s the only way to get better and find what you’re interested in (or what doesn’t work, which is also very valuable).

What are your thoughts regarding Star Wars Rebels? How do you think the series will progress?

I haven’t finished the first season yet, but I’m very impatient to see Ahsoka and Rex on screen again! I’m having a little more trouble getting into the Ghost crew, but it’s probably because I expected to get the same degree of emotional involvement from a few episodes that I had from The Clone Wars and its six seasons.

How else do you express your love for Star Wars (cosplay, fanfiction, etc.)?

I’ve been writing fan fiction both on Ao3 and Tumblr and there are a few fanmixes on 8tracks, too.

Any final thoughts?

May the Force be with you!


And may the Force be with you, alyyks! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your art and more about yourself as an artist. Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future!

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  1. Thanks for bringing all these great artists to our attention Johna! :)


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