Fan Artist Spotlight: Joanna Nieto

Joanna’s avatar for the Star Wars Fanzine

Today’s fan artist spotlight is on Joanna Nieto! Joanna, who lives in Barcelona, is a Spanish illustrator. She is currently one of the 50 artists participating in the Star Wars Fanzine: The Fans Awaken (which you can read more about in this interview). Joanna also shares most of her fan art and fangirl emotions regarding Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe over at Feels Assemble and her main Tumblr account.

Star Wars has been in my life since I was very little and it is a universe that I’ve always loved,” she said, when asked how she became a fan of the galaxy far, far away. “But I do not consider myself a hardcore fan. I’ve watched the movies, read some novels. Now, with The Force Awakens and Star Wars Rebels, there has been a very strong fan awakening in me.”

As an artist, it’s always difficult to pick out a favorite drawing of yours, but Joanna knew which one sat at the top, “The drawing I made for the The Fans Awaken Fanzine. I posted a preview (as seen further below), but the complete drawing can only be seen in the fanzine, so pre-order now. I like it because I don’t have that much time to spend on fan art, and taking part in a fanzine is the perfect excuse to make an effort. Besides, it is a drawing of Kanan and Hera. I love this couple and their dynamic.”

When asked what is the best and most difficult thing about being an artist, she said, “The best is that it is actually something I enjoy doing and it is really satisfactory when you’re working on something and it turns out how you expected it to be. The worst is when nothing comes out and the art blocks.”

“People tends to ask what to do in order to improve drawing and it is always the same,” she said, in terms of taking up art professionally or as a hobby. “Just being constant and keep drawing. And being careful with being too perfectionist because that can block you.”

Being that she’s a fan of many things, especially Star Wars, she said, “It is very fun for me to be part of this fandom. It’s always nice being able to share what you like with other people, plus there are super talented people in this fandom!” Many of which you can find here.



Make sure to pre-order the Star Wars Fanzine: The Fans Awaken and support Joanna, the other artists involved, and Force For Change in the process. You can also follow Joanna Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

3 comments on “Fan Artist Spotlight: Joanna Nieto

  1. Kanan got cropped right on the eyes…

    • Good observation, but I don’t think the artist did it with his blindness in mind. She did it to give fans a preview of her art, since the whole thing will be featured in the Fanzine. He may or may not be blind in her art, but looking forward to finding out when I receive my copy!

      • Naah, I know it was accidental.

        Foreshadowingly accidental.

        Because IIRC the image was already published before TotA.

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