Irregular Choices Unveils “R-Series Vader” Trainers from the Phase Two ‘Star Wars’ Collection

The latest tease from international footwear company Irregular Choice features my favorite pair of shoes from the phase two Star Wars collection! The R-Series Vader high top trainers feature light-up soles, and like the Candy Damsel trainers, the shoe contains splashes of glitter and iridescent fabric. The tongue also features Darth Vader’s helmet with an embroidered floral design that reminds me of a calavera (sugar skull). The Candy Damsel trainers are $250, so expect something similar for the R-Series Vader shoes.

Take a closer look at the R-Series Vader trainers below. The phase two Star Wars collection by Irregular Choice will be coming out on Friday, May 27, 2016. Make sure to follow Irregular Choice on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for the latest updates.

irregular-choice-star-wars-r-series-vader-sneaker-shoes irregular-choice-star-wars-r-series-vader-sneaker-shoes-01 irregular-choice-star-wars-r-series-vader-sneaker-shoes-02 irregular-choice-star-wars-r-series-vader-sneaker-shoes-03 irregular-choice-star-wars-r-series-vader-sneaker-shoes-04 irregular-choice-star-wars-r-series-vader-sneaker-shoes-05

3 comments on “Irregular Choices Unveils “R-Series Vader” Trainers from the Phase Two ‘Star Wars’ Collection

  1. Do they have the Star Wars logo in the tread?

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