Review: Love and Madness Hair Clip, Gold Bangle, and Crawl Wrap

Growing up, I preferred to wear my hair at shoulder length. I still do! As a result, it often falls out on the sides and I have to continuously brush it back against my ear. When I remember to use it, I normally tuck it back with a plain old bobby pin. It does the trick, but there’s nothing really cool about the standard hair pin. That’s where Love and Madness comes in. I honestly wish I had these hair clips growing up because not only do they do the same job of holding my hair back, but they’re shaped like Star Wars characters!

While the Darth Vader clip also comes in gold and silver (both of which are currently not available on the website), I have the pleasure of reviewing the black Darth Vader hair clip. It’s fitting, given that he’s a Sith Lord and his entire costume is black! That said, if you have a dark hair color, like me, the hair clip will get sort of lost in that color. So if you want it to stand you, I highly recommend going for one of the brighter colors once they’re back in stock. Also, as pictured below, this isn’t your common alligator clip or french barrette. The Love and Madness hair clips are snap barrettes, so they snap upon closing. After using it a few times, I did notice that the paint from the snap closure started wearing off, but that’s to be expected, since that part gets a lot of stress when opening and closing. 

I dislike sounding like a broken record, but again, what I love most about Love and Madness is the risk they take in creating something new. There are lots of hair accessories out there that are inspired by Star Wars, but many are done by fans for the fans. It’s great to see licensed hair accessories in the mix now, so here’s hoping we see more hair clips and accessories from Love and Madness in the future. 

Product link
Price: $8.00


I’m usually not one for gold. I remember hitting a point in my life when I just didn’t find gold accessories attractive, so I became more of a silver and silver plated kind of girl. There is something about a gold plated bangle, however, that really stands out, especially when it’s paired nicely with a chic ensemble. The gold plated split cuff bangles by Love and Madness are no exception. 

The independent jewelry company offers a variety of selections, including the one featured in this review: the Yoda & Star Wars gold bangle. The decorative ends of the split cuff feature wise Master Yoda (on the left) and the Star Wars logo (on the right). The bangle itself is quite thick, making it slightly difficult to adjust and slip my hand through. That same thickness, however, makes it sturdy. With other bracelets, I’m always fearful that they’ll bend too much and become disfigured too easily, but that’s definitely not the case with this bangle. 

Also, since it’s gold plated and the base metal is brass (and plated jewelry finishes are fragile and vulnerable in harsh conditions), it’s always best to handle this (and other parts of your jewelry collection) with care and exercise a few practices that could help in extending the life of your gold plated bangle. Some of these methods include simple things, like washing your hands before and after handling and storing your gold plated bangle in the Love and Madness pouch that comes with it. 

Will I wear gold plated jewelry all the time now? Not exactly, since I’m still a silver kind of girl, but the Love and Madness bangles are of great quality and available at an affordable price. This particular bangle also goes perfectly with the Yoda Gold Midi Ring and the Star Wars Gold Logo Earrings

Product link
Price: $30.00


Each Star Wars movie starts off with an opening crawl, detailing what’s happening and who’s involved. When Love and Madness first announced the Crawl Wrap bracelet back in February, I remember being overjoyed by the design of it because there really isn’t anything like it out there, especially when it comes to the realm of Star Wars jewelry. The standard necklace, earring, and bracelet usually highlights a logo, iconic character, or famous quote. The Crawl Wrap, however, took something that is classic and unique to Star Wars and paid homage to that. In terms of merchandise, we may have seen those words on a few t-shirts and such, but on a bracelet that covers your entire wrist? Now that is awesome. 

The Crawl Wrap is 3 feet long and contains 38 separate gold plated pieces, each one containing anywhere between one and four black engraved words. Each piece is secured onto the leather with metal caps (75 in total!), giving the back of the wrap a metal studded, accented look. Setting rivets and caps onto leather sounds easy, but given how each gold plate is slightly curved, I completely understand why it took 6 months of development to get it just right. Also, along the back, you’ll also find the year of manufacture, the letters LFL (Lucasfilm Ltd.) to indicate that it’s licensed product, and the Love and Madness logo.

In addition to it being a clever piece of jewelry, it’s also a great conversation starter. I recently wore the Crawl Wrap on my way to work one morning and it caught the attention of the person sitting next to me. Needless to say, they were very impressed by the design and surprised by the content (especially because they didn’t pick up the Star Wars reference at first). What I love most about it is that you can wear it with practically anything and almost everyone will think it’s just a regular piece of jewelry. I like my Star Wars apparel and accessories to be very subtle, and this brilliant wrap by Love and Madness totally blends right in.

I already have the charcoal/silver and blush/rose gold wraps on pre-order, so I can’t wait to get those and continue building my Crawl Wrap collection, and I can’t wait to see them expand to the crawls of the other films. Being that I’m a big fan of the prequels, I am really looking forward to wearing Episode I around my wrist one day. In the meantime, make sure to order your Crawl Wrap today.

Update, 5/20/16: After giving it another close look, there is a spelling error on the bracelet. The word “ultimate” is spelled incorrectly as “ulitmate”. I couldn’t believe it at first, but the error does exist. Hopefully, this doesn’t hinder your thoughts on whether to buy it or not. The bracelet should have been revised beforehand, but it’s understandable that these things just slip through during the production process.

Product link
Price: $50.00

Note: I pre-ordered the Crawl Wrap in February. Due to an error in processing and shipping, which delayed my pre-order, I was given the Darth Vader hair clip and Yoda Star Wars gold bangle as a gift. That said, these reviews are honest assessments of the products.

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