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“BA-WAP-WAP!” Favorite Chopper Moments from ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season Two

Everyone in the Ghost crew looks out for each other, including Chopper. Believe it or not, Chop cares for his team just as much as the others. He may not show it consistently or has a different way of expressing it, but the love is there and we certainly saw some of that sprinkled throughout the second season. He also had genuinely hilarious moments that make me laugh just thinking about them. Chopper is truly one of a kind, and even though he has the potential and skill to knock you out, there are times when the stubby droid surprises you in other ways. With that in mind, what are some memorable season two moments from our favorite grump?

Messing Around (“Blood Sisters”)

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Chopper knows how to get under someone’s skin, but when presented with the opportunity, he also knows how to get under the hood and disable vital systems to any ship, including Ketsu Onyo’s Shadow Caster. Knowing he had the advantage and that he needed to get Ketsu off their back to accomplish the mission, the astromech began to rummage around and sabotage her weaponry, picking off whatever pieces he could detach and nonchalantly tossing them aside. Chopper always does things without anyone’s permission and with a humorous flare, so it’s no wonder this scene made its way into the list. Also, how adorable was his hand wave to Sabine while she was talking to Ketsu? It’s moments like these that reinforce the fact that Chopper is one of the coolest droids ever–and he knows it.

Recording for Laughs (“Stealth Strike”)

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Being a jerk is Chopper’s favorite hobby, even when he’s on a mission. So when Ezra shot down two stormtroopers, realized that they were, in fact, Kanan and Rex in disguise, and tried to cover it up, Chopper was ready to show the instant replay. He knew that Ezra would be scolded for shooting them, but he didn’t care because he’s Chopper, and if showing them the recording meant that he’d get a good laugh out of it, he’d do it all over again. Showing them that holo recording was just the tip of the iceberg when messing around with Ezra, however. Later on, when hacking into the system and turning off the gravity, he dropped Ezra unceremoniously onto the platform and rolled over his fingers. Chopper is a pain-in-the-neck brother type to Ezra and the fact that he loves to bother him in all the ways that he can always brings a smile to my face.

Chopper Understands (“Legacy”)

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

But of course, Chopper is not always a jerk droid. Despite pranking members of his team and finding joy in tormenting them, he also cares for them. We’ve seen that side of him before during season one, and it was great to see it continue in the second season, especially when Ezra discovered the true fate of his parents. Chopper sat quietly beside Ezra as Ryder Azadi revealed what happened to Mira and Ephraim Bridger, and instead of just remaining in a stoic position, he began to gently tap on Ezra’s knee in a “there, there” kind of way. It was an endearing gesture that once again demonstrates that he understands grief and pain, and although he can’t do anything to change the situation, he offers his support in the way he knows best.

Astromech Duel (“The Honorable Ones”)

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Without a doubt, Chopper is a fierce warrior, always ready for a fight. He has sweet Karate chopping skills and quick reflexes, so when the team came under heavy fire by Agent Kallus’ forces, he was more than ready to get his job done. A lone Imperial droid stood in his way, however, but he was clearly no match for Chopper’s sick moves. Most droids would run and hide, but Chopper stood his ground and showed that enemy droid who’s boss. What I also love about Chopper in this episode? How he was ready to move into Zeb’s room if Zeb hadn’t returned! Makes me wonder if he has any personal possessions…

You’re My Friend (“The Forgotten Droid”)

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Believe it or not, Chopper is also a defender of others outside of his team. Well, if he deems you worthy of his time, that is. When he was being followed around by Imperial droid AP-5, Chopper revealed bits about his past and found a kindred spirit in this old inventory droid that also once served in the Clone War. Although Chopper likes to playfully prank and poke fun at his crew, he doesn’t tolerate bullying, especially when his new friend was at the receiving end of it. When AP-5 voiced his concern about the rebellion and whether they would treat him any better than the Empire, Chopper was quick to reply and say that they would treat him better because he’s his friend. That right there made me tear up! Chopper gave AP-5 the comfort in knowing that he had a friend in him. And on top of it all, Chopper sacrificed his matching leg to save his life. It may be insignificant to us organics, but Chopper being selfless for someone outside of his immediate unit is a rare and beautiful sight.

Guiding Kanan (“Twilight of the Apprentice”)

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

One of the most shocking moments in the season two finale was Kanan being blinded by Maul. Although Kanan defeated him, the Jedi Knight fell to his knees in exhaustion and pain. Knowing he needed to get to Ezra and Ahsoka in his new condition, the only other team member around to help was Chopper. We don’t know what the droid’s reaction was in response to Kanan’s blindness, but I imagine him being quiet for once and not talking back to Kanan (since he has a habit of doing that). When we see Kanan again, he was being assisted by Chopper in a seeing eye dog sort of way. And when he was given the order to prepare the Phantom, Chopper did a little salute and went to perform his duties as he was told. No backtalk or whining, just following orders. Without Chopper, Kanan and Ezra wouldn’t have made it out alive, since he operated the Phantom throughout the whole ordeal.

So whether you hate him or find him annoying, you can’t deny the fact that Chopper is a vital member of the Ghost crew (and rebellion), always prepared to do any job that is required of him–even if he decides to be a jerk about it.


Have a favorite Chopper moment from season two you’d like to share? Write it in the comments below.

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