Express Yourself with the New Fangirl Coloring Book by Her Universe Press

Coloring books are a fun and creative way to express your imagination! Previously thought to be just for kids, coloring books have reached new levels of popularity with adults, and nowadays, you’ll find adult coloring books on the shelves of bookstores and craft stores everywhere. Believe it or not, coloring allows us to switch off our brains from our busy everyday thoughts and focus only on that particular moment. One coloring book geek fans should seek out is the new Fangirls: A Coloring Book for Girls That Like Stuff by Her Universe Press.

“With convention season upon us, and warm summer days, fangirls can relax with the perfect coloring book or pass the time entertaining themselves while waiting in the long lines at sci-fi/comic conventions with this handy ‘must have’ for any nerdy girl from 1 to 100!”

What’s also awesome about this new coloring book? It features illustrations by fan favorite artist Katie Cook!

“Choose from over 15 different fangirls on 50-single-sided pages to find the ones that are most like you! Written and illustrated by two ultimate fangirls, and designed with a spirited love for nerdy girls and their interests, the Fangirls Coloring Book will provide any true fangirl with hours of fun, empowering, geek expression and the creative joy of coloring!”

Fangirls: A Coloring Book for Girls That Like Stuff by Ashley Eckstein and Katie Cook is now available at Amazon and your local Barnes & Noble bookstore. Check out a few sample pages below as well as the official Her Universe Press site for more information.



While you’re browsing on Amazon, also make sure to purchase the book Weirdest by Heather Nuhfer. It’s currently available as a Kindle eBook, and the paperback version will be available on June 28, 2016. You can also listen to the first chapter of Weirdest on YouTube, voiced by Ashley Eckstein and James Arnold Taylor.

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