Review: Bioworld’s Two-in-One BB-8 Wristlet/Clutch from Level Up by Loot Crate


BB-8 is everywhere! You can find him on all sorts of merchandise, including this exclusive two-in-one wristlet/clutch from the monthly Level Up subscription by Loot Crate. Geared towards female geeky fans, the subscription brings exclusive accessories as well as other fashionable pieces based on themes. Back in December 2015, the theme was Galaxy, so it’s no surprise that this adorable and lovable astromech droid made an appearance in celebration of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

First, a brief background. I found an image of the wristlet/clutch on Instagram back in December when the packages went out to subscribers. I like to own the occasional exclusive item here and there, so I managed to locate an affordable one on eBay. Unfortunately, my first order got lost in the mail last month. Still, I was determined to locate another reasonably priced BB-8 wristlet/clutch, so when another opportunity popped up, I placed the order and begged the universe for it to arrive safely. Thankfully, I received it with no problems and jumped at the chance to review it. 


Made by Bioworld, the small (6.5 inches by 3.5 inches) vinyl wristlet comes with a standard zipper closure across the top and a detachable wrist strap, making it easy to store essential items and carry it conveniently on your wrist. The handy wrist strap is about 8.75 inches long, and when it’s detached, it’s about 6.5 inches, so if you had another strap that would complement the wristlet, then the option to customize is there. As for the exterior, the BB-8 print pops out due to the black background, and it actually resembles the print seen on Loungefly’s BB-8 wallet and duffle bag. The main differences are that Bioworld’s print appears to be more vibrant, the texture is less pronounced (unlike the faux leather on the Loungefly print), and it includes the orange “BB-8” text. And as for the interior, it’s just basic black nylon fabric, like the kind you’d see in standard backpacks. In addition to it holding your phone and other small objects, the wristlet can also act as a coin purse/pouch.


The wristlet comes enclosed in a slightly bigger (7.25 inches by 4.5 inches) hard and clear vinyl envelope clutch that comes with a standard snap fastener, and it’s covered with a silver BB-8 print. The design itself has BB-8 incorporated into it, and since he was given the task to preserve the piece of map needed to locate Luke Skywalker, it’s neat that the entirety of the clutch is meant to resemble a holographic map. In addition to BB-8 and the graph lines, the print also includes some words, including “INTERGALACTIC ARRAY” and “HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTOR” to really add to the effect. Since the shimmering silver design comes printed on the inside of the clutch (you can feel the raised lines), you can rest assured that it won’t wear out from constant hand contact, but there is the possibility of items placed inside scratching off the print. Additionally, since the clutch itself is such a hard material, I could also see it being used as a pencil/pen holder. If you like to carry around a lot of writing utensils, it seems like the perfect case to store them.

What’s fun about this product is that you can either use them together or use them separately. I can see myself using the protective case as a separate purse for when I’m dining with friends, since it has a more subtle design, whereas the wristlet is something I would use for casually going out during the day. I would especially use the wristlet at comic conventions, since it’s small and it’d force me to bring only my essentials. The materials overall aren’t the best quality, but given that I rotate between bags and purses, I know better than to overuse this particular product.

Since this is an exclusive Level Up item, if you wanted to get your hands on one, you can find some available on eBay.

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