Instagrammer Created Beautiful ‘Star Wars’ Fashion Illustrations

Nothing gets me more excited than seeing fashion illustrations of Star Wars inspired garments! I recently purchased a Fashionary to get me into the habit of designing my own dresses, but Instagramer Cetine Dale clearly doesn’t need it, since she is already a master at capturing the details of well-known Star Wars characters and transforming them into stunning couture garments.

Her most recent piece takes inspiration from BB-8, but her reason behind the sketch strikes at a bigger issue in the geek fashion world, “I’m sick of these cheesy nerd/geek fashion brands making unflattering designs. If you want something done right…”

It’s true that geek fashion has come a long way in the past couple of years, but it’s still geared towards the younger fanbase, so a lot of what currently exists doesn’t appeal to the older fans. Many brands tend to fall back on predictable styles and practices, such as incorporating unnecessary prints, symbols, and logos. Many fans have expressed a desire for a sophisticated collection inspired by Star Wars without those added elements.

Cetine fully captured that sophistication, however, in the series of couture garments she designed in April 2015. Although these aren’t for everyday wear, she took elements from each character and made something refreshing and new–exactly what we want to see in future geek fashion collections. My absolute favorite is the Han Solo inspired bodice and skirt with the duster vest.

Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments below.

6 comments on “Instagrammer Created Beautiful ‘Star Wars’ Fashion Illustrations

  1. Now I want her and Katie Elhoffer to meet. ;-)

  2. I would love to have dresses to wear that aren’t so overtly Star Wars…something that is a definite homage to the films, but not so in-your-face. I’ve seen plenty of Harry Potter pieces that are subtle and wonderful.

    • Same here! I need more stuff in my wardrobe that doesn’t scream Star Wars!

  3. Those are amazing. She should get in contact with Her Universe and pitch her ideas to them. :-)

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