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“You’re smart, figure it out!” Favorite Ezra Bridger Moments from ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season Two

Star Wars Rebels, "Stealth Strike" Ezra Bridger

“Ezra is boring.” I remember reading those words on social media a few months back and feeling offended—I’ll explain why. People are welcome to like and dislike any character, but I was surprised to discover that many of my peers don’t see Ezra Bridger the way I do. To be honest, I feel like I watch a completely different show compared to everyone else a lot of the time, but that’s another story.

The youngest of the group, Ezra tends to come across as your typical teenager. He complains here and there, gets overemotional, shows some overconfidence, and thinks that he knows best. Simple reminder that Ahsoka also bared those qualities at one point in her life. And quite honestly, those aren’t traits that solely belong to teenagers, since a lot of people way past his age tend to act the same way—or worse.

What I love most about Ezra is how he shows a level of maturity that most present-day teenagers and adults don’t seem to exhibit. If you re-watch the second season, notice how there are instances when Ezra is the one to come up with a plan (“Siege of Lothal”), the one who wants to hear both sides of the story (“The Lost Commanders”/”Relics of the Old Republic”), the one to show thanks rather than petulance (“Legacy”), the one to realize that his actions were wrong and apologizes for them (“Legacy”), and the one to ask questions (“The Call”). Ezra, whether you like to see it or not, is a good role model. He may not be perfect, but he exhibits admirable qualities.

I’m one of the few who thinks of Ezra as their favorite character and the reason is because I see a lot of myself in Ezra. I was the mature one growing up, but I would also often show my real age. So when people say he’s boring, I feel that—by extension—I’m also boring. I know that’s not really the case (I can be a fun person!), but seeing the lack of effort from fans in trying to understand Ezra is frustrating, especially when I know Ezra to be a well-written and consistent character.

If, by the end of this, I manage to make you see Ezra in a different way, then I’ll be happy for that. If you continue to think Ezra is an uninteresting and useless character, then I hope his continued growth over time will be able to change your mind. Just another reminder that a lot of people thought Ahsoka was an annoying and useless character and look how many of those fans turned their opinions around years later…

Anyway, this post is meant to collect my favorite Ezra moments from the second season! Ezra had many of them, so it was difficult to narrow it down to my top five:

Ezra’s Luke Moment (“Relics of the Old Republic”)

Star Wars Rebels, "Relics of the Old Republic" Ezra Bridger
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Ezra, his team, and the ex-clone troopers were trapped in a sandstorm and they were surrounded by three AT-ATs that were ready to shoot the rebels down the moment they gave away their position. When Kanan told Ezra that he should be the one to take the first shot, Ezra didn’t have the confidence in himself to do it. With Rex’s encouragement, Ezra went outside to accomplish the goal. With visibility extremely low due to the sandstorm, Kanan guided him and told him to trust in himself and in the Force. Ezra didn’t argue back by saying, “This is hopeless, I can’t do it!” Instead, he did as he was told. He took off the helmet Rex let him borrow for his protection and focused on the Force. In that moment, he let himself go, and with his mind’s eye, he was able to find the target. This is what I call Ezra’s “Luke moment”. Obi-Wan told Luke to trust in the Force when he was in the heat of battle and had to fire the proton torpedo into an exhaust port leading to the Death Star’s reactor. Luke made the shot and so did Ezra. Great shot, kid, that was one in a million!

Triple Guard (“Stealth Strike”)

Star Wars Rebels, "Stealth Strike" Ezra Bridger
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Agent Kallus warned Admiral Brom Titus that Ezra should be well-guarded, since he can slip away when least expected. Just as Agent Kallus had predicted, Ezra confidently created a diversion that allowed him to escape from his binds. Although he showed off some pretty sweet moves in the process, the most impressive part was that he demonstrated that killing is not always necessary, proving to the stormtrooper that rebels aren’t as malicious as the Empire has made them out to be.

In general, “Stealth Strike” was an amazing episode for Ezra, where he got to show that his abilities had grown considerably since the start of the series and that he was able to lead troops to safety without the assistance of Kanan. Commander Sato and many of the viewers were impressed by what he was able to accomplish, and I hope we get to see more of that in season three.

One Last Goodbye (“Legacy”)

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Ezra was heartbroken when he discovered the truth about his parents. What was even more heart-wrenching was that his parents were inspired by his message. Ephraim and Mira Bridger rallied and assisted in freeing rebels and rebel sympathizers, but in the end, they didn’t make it out themselves.

“They used to say all the time when I was little, ‘If we don’t stand up, who will?'” He told Kanan before hugging him closely. Seconds before the episode ended, we got to see Ezra talk with his parents one last time at the top of his old radio tower. In the distance was a pristine Lothal City long before the Empire took over.

“Remember, Ezra,” said his mom. “Without hope, we have nothing.”

This was such a beautiful moment in the series. It remains unclear to me if that was a manifestation of the Force or something he imagined for himself. Maybe it was a combination of the two. Regardless, I hope Ezra remembers his mother’s words as he continues to face more challenges ahead of him.

A Deep Connection (“The Call”)

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Ezra has a remarkable ability—something I wish we all had the skill to do. He’s able to connect with animals and other living beings, and throughout the show, we’ve seen how that has grown. When he first saw the Purrgil, there was something about them that caught his attention so much so that he made it his sole mission to help them, even when he had more important things to be focusing on. At the gas refinery, Ezra found himself in a tight spot and he ended up falling into the gas and onto a Purrgil. The incident allowed him to communicate with the creature in a way that he hadn’t done with anyone or anything before. He experienced a deep connection, one that allowed him to understand what the Purrgil needed from him. In exchange for saving his life, Ezra followed through with his promise, and with the rest of the team, saved the Purrgil. That deep connection is something we haven’t really seen before, so it was both surprising and intriguing for us to witness. I look forward to seeing more of Ezra’s growing abilities in the next season!

Standing Up to Vader (“Twilight of the Apprentice”)

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

We know Ezra screwed up in the final episode of the second season, and he also came to that realization when the Sith holocron told him that he had the power to kill. That’s not what he wanted, and although he should have paid attention to Kanan’s warning about Maul, sometimes it’s best to learn through our own mistakes. In the process of trying to warn Kanan and Ahsoka, Ezra came face to face with Darth Vader. Having already faced him in “Siege of Lothal”, you’d think Ezra would know better than to challenge this guy. This is what makes Ezra awesome! Ezra didn’t let fear take over. He didn’t tremble at Vader’s feet. He knew that he couldn’t let Vader get anywhere near that holocron because Vader would end up using it for his own means or worse, so he stood up to him. Ezra stood up to Vader! How many of us would have been able to do that and still have a clean pair of underwear?

When Vader asked him how he unlocked the secrets of the temple, Ezra said, “You’re smart, figure it out!” He also told him without hesitation, “I don’t fear you.” It’s similar to how Kanan told the Grand Inquisitor that he had nothing left to fear after thinking he lost Ezra. Like Master, like Padawan.

So if those two quotes, his unique abilities, the special bond he shared with his parents, the sweet fighting skills, and his connection to the Force don’t make Ezra cool to you, then I don’t know what will!


Have a favorite Ezra moment from season two you’d like to share? Write it in the comments below.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

5 comments on ““You’re smart, figure it out!” Favorite Ezra Bridger Moments from ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season Two

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  2. :):) You are very welcome :) Keep loving Rebels!

  3. It always takes time for a character to grow on fans. It took Ahsoka some time, and it will take Ezra. Frankly, I think he’s appropriate for his age, not boring.

    Personally, I think his greatest moment came when giving the speech before Tarkin destroyed the Communication tower in Season 1. I think that was truly epic. “The Call” was quite a marvelous episode for season 2 as well.

    Rebels grows a little stronger as time goes on with its momentum. Season 3 may be the strongest yet, because the stakes have been upped with Maul’s appearance and Ezra’s growing experience with the dark side. Time will tell how it turns out.

    I would not worry about how other fans react (I know how it feels sometimes) Every fan has their own love of something in the fandom. I think, though, that when the time is right, many of them will see something of themselves in Ezra and his journey.

    • I love that speech of his from season one. Still gives me goosebumps!

      And that’s totally what I’m hoping for! I can’t for season three to start and see where the characters go from there. Thanks so much for the response.

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