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Follow the Freemakers in a Brand New Adventure

Ready to embark on brand new LEGO adventures with Rowan, Kordi, and Zander in a galaxy far, far away? I know I am. Set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, The Freemaker Adventures is a kid-friendly action comedy series that follows these three siblings as they discover the origins of the lightsaber. It is up to the trio to do everything in their power to stop Emperor Palpatine from getting the legendary Kyber Saber.

Along the way, the series will also feature familiar Star Wars heroes and villains from across the saga, including Princess Leia, Lando Calrissian, Darth Vader, and even Maz Kanata!

I’m a fan of brand new stories and characters, especially when they come in LEGO form. I also love that Star Wars touches on different kinds of families. In Star Wars Rebels, you have people who came together to form a family-like unit, Star Wars: Aftermath gave us a bond between mother and son, and there was the husband and wife relationship (the parents of Poe Dameron) in Shattered Empire. Now, the main characters are a family of siblings, and one of them (Rowan) is Force sensitive.

What I love most about the trailers we’ve seen so far is that the story comes across as fun and lighthearted. I know a lot of older fans desperately want content that’s geared towards them, sort of like how Marvel creates mature content through Netflix. While I’m totally on board for this new LEGO story, I agree that there should be content that exists for those adults who don’t prefer animated shows. Again, Marvel is a perfect example. There’s the cinematic universe, the television shows, and the animated series. There’s something for every age group. And although Star Wars is already meant for everyone, I can see why older fans would want weekly content where the primary age group is not 14 years old and younger.

If you’re like me, however, and you enjoy the playful and carefree LEGO adventures, then make sure to watch the premiere of The Freemaker Adventures on Monday, June 20, at 10 AM EST on Disney XD.

(Photo: The LEGO Group & Lucasfilm)
(Photo: The LEGO Group & Lucasfilm)
(Photo: The LEGO Group & Lucasfilm)
(Photo: The LEGO Group & Lucasfilm)

5 comments on “Follow the Freemakers in a Brand New Adventure

  1. It might be geared at younger viewers and (I’m assuming) it isn’t canon…but it looks fun! Certainly something to keep me going until season 3 of Rebels is out. ;-)

    • Hope you’ve been able to watch it! It has great humor and I love the characters! It’s definitely something fun to watch while Rebels is on break!

      • I have, though I’ve had to download it as I’m not sure when (or if) the series will be aired on Disney XD in the Netherlands. Add to that the fact I’m not Dutch…so I wouldn’t get to enjoy the show in its original language. ;-p

        The release schedule is bizarre. 4 episodes in 1 week, then 1 episode the following week…and then nothing until mid-July? o_0

        • YES! Disney XD and its scheduling is very weird. I hope they stick to a normal schedule soon!

          • It looks like it switches to a weekly release as from July 11th (according to Wookieepedia). It’s worth the wait. Loving all the references to the other SW TV series and films. ^_^

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