Review: Beaded Stormtrooper Clutch by Concept One Accessories

While Clone Troopers developed different personalities and adopted unique names for each other, the iconic Imperial Stormtroopers were stripped of that individuality and names were replaced by numbers. Even in Stormtrooper merchandise, the standard colors are primarily white and black, so when this colorful Stomrtrooper clutch appeared on Torrid, I quickly snatched it up. Personally, I like to think the Stormtrooper at the center of the clutch is JTN-303 from Star Wars Rebels. He was the Stormtrooper that said, “I kind of like it,” when he saw Sabine Wren’s multi-colored TIE Fighter in the episode “Fire Across the Galaxy”.

Designed by Concept One Accessories, a leading company in licensed fashion, sports, and entertainment accessories, the front of the Stormtrooper clutch is covered with multi-colored beads and sequins, while the back of the clutch is made of black polyester fabric. It has a standard zip closure, a black zipper pull, and doesn’t have any handles or straps. Although some descriptions state that there are no compartments or pockets, the clutch actually has a small 3 x 5 inch interior wall pocket along the back of the clutch. Additionally, the dimensions of the clutch itself are 5 x 9 inches, making it the perfect size to store your most essential items.


The most impressive part of the clutch is obviously the intricate beading and sequin work. I wish more products had this level of detail. In fact, I would love it if Concept One Accessories produced an entire line of clutches featuring different characters. I love the combination of the bright colors, and the chevron patterns along the top and bottom edges remind me of some of the handmade Ecuadorian wool bags that my grandma used to give me when I was younger. On that note, the loud colors and bold geometric designs also remind me of Native American beadwork. Honestly, the entire front of the clutch is a work of art, and I’m constantly afraid that it might get snagged and ruined! As a result, I only use it on special occasions and I’m always very careful to not brush it roughly against anything.

If you’re looking for that refreshing pop of color for a night out in the town, I highly recommend this Stormtrooper clutch. It’ll look great with a black dress (like the Star Wars Darth Vader Cape Dress from Her Universe and Hot Topic) or with a dressed down look (like a pair of jeans and a black blouse/top).

You can purchase the clutch from Torrid ($44.50) or Target ($19.99).

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