Her Universe Fashion Show Docu-series Coming on June 30

The Her Universe Fashion Show docu-series has a premiere date! The highly anticipated geek fashion show is coming to Comic-Con HQ on Thursday, June 30. The Comic-Con HQ staff spoke with Her Universe creator Ashley Eckstein about what to expect from the show, her favorite geek convention memory, and what she personally fangirls about when she has down time.

CCHQ: What inspired The Her Universe Fashion Show?

Eckstein: I’ve been attending San Diego Comic-Con since 2007 and I’ve always noticed that Fangirls would use the halls of SDCC as their runway for their original designs. Not just cosplay, but geek inspired fashion has been a growing trend that we’ve seen at Comic-Con over the years and I wanted to provide fans an actual runway to showcase their designs on!

CCHQ: The winners of the competition will get to design their very own line and actually see it on Hot Topic store shelves! So cool. How did you feel the first time you saw your own line in stores?

Eckstein: The first time I saw Her Universe at stores was truly a surreal moment! Our t-shirts were being sold at Disney World in Orlando, FL, during Star Wars Weekends, and I snuck in to the store right before it opened to the public and I was actually the first customer to buy our shirts. I couldn’t believe that something I designed was being sold to the public and I’m SO excited to provide that opportunity to the winners of The Her Universe Fashion Show at SDCC!

CCHQ: This year’s Fashion Show and San Diego Comic-Con are both right around the corner! What’s your favorite Comic-Con memory?

Eckstein: My favorite SDCC memory was in in 2007. I was already recording Star Wars: The Clone Wars as the voice of Ahsoka Tano, but nobody knew she even existed yet. Her character was top secret and I couldn’t tell anyone I was working on the project. I went to the Star Wars panel in Hall H as a fan and they talked about Clone Wars and the crowd went wild! It was like being undercover. It was truly surreal to see the reaction from the audience and know all of the secrets!

CCHQ: Without giving away any big spoilers, can you talk about which fandoms we might see represented in the show?

Eckstein: The big fandom this year is definitely Harry Potter! With Fantastic Beasts coming out, we noticed an increase of Harry Potter inspired designs. Plus, look for a lot of wearable technology! Designers are bringing a lot of math and science to their designs.

CCHQ: And finally, which TV shows, movies, books, and comics are you fangirling out about these days?

Eckstein: I am currently fangirling over DC Super Hero Girls. I am the voice of Cheetah for DC Super Hero Girls and I think what DC is doing with this whole program for girls is truly amazing! I am also always obsessing over all things Disney, Star Wars and Marvel. I grew up in Orlando, FL, and you could definitely call me a Disney geek for sure!

Make sure to head over to Comic-Con HQ and sign up today to catch the series on June 30. Also, follow CCHQ on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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