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Anticipating ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3 Designs

With only a couple more weeks until Star Wars Celebration, which will bring not only the first two episodes of season 3 to lucky con-goers, it will also bring the new and highly anticipated designs of the Rebels crew! With this in mind, I thought it would be a great time to take a look back at another set of characters, the leads from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and see what kind of changes they had in hopes that we can begin guessing just how much or how little we can expect to see!

Here, we have season 1 and season 3 comparisons of Plo Koon, Anakin Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Of the three, Plo Koon clearly changed the least. Though, with him being a supporting character, that isn’t the most surprising. On the other hand, Anakin and Obi-Wan have had a fair bit more changed on them. Not only the design of their clothes and some proportions (especially with Anakin and his waist), but also with the armour they’re wearing.

One thing to remember about both of these characters, though, is that they had to begin looking like their Revenge of the Sith counterparts. So their loss of armour, especially noticeable on Obi-Wan, could have more to do with that than pure independent design.

That’s where our next character comes in. Not tied or constrained in any fashion to what may come next, Ahsoka Tano is our true template when it comes to how a main character can change in design after a time jump.

Ahsoka tano not only gained a new look with her clothes, but she also visibly aged. Another thing that makes her a great candidate for comparison is that she’s also around the same age as Ezra and Sabine, who are both young enough to benefit from completely new model designs and aging.

Ahsoka also shows that you can have a character change a fair bit within a short amount of time. While specific dates aren’t the easiest or most regular to come by in either series, going by the death date of a season 5 character, we know that the Clone Wars was still one year away from the end of the war. Meaning, years haven’t passed between the images seen above, but most likely, months at most.

In Rebels, there has only been one character who has had any real differences from the first to second season look, and that is Sabine Wren.

While our resident Mandalorian hasn’t aged between the seasons, she has had colour changes as well as gained new additions to her armour.

Given these smaller modifications, I am hoping for a larger change heading into season 3 for both her and Ezra, considering that they’re the youngest members of the crew and they are the most flexible when it comes to aging.

Will we see drastic changes for either of them? That, I don’t know. However, with the likelihood of Rebels having a few more seasons past season 3 (given past conversations), I imagine the kids could have plenty of room for major growth even if they wanted to keep it within the 5 year range before A New Hope.

And while Star Wars Rebels is a different show from The Clone Wars, some of the major staff at its heart is the same. And had The Clone Wars not ended, we would have had yet another look for Ahsoka, showing that they could have a new character model for each of the three years the war took place.


We don’t know how much of a time skip we will be getting, and considering Kanan’s injury and how it will affect him, I don’t imagine they’ll skip over too much when it comes to that. What we do have, though, is a sneak peek at something shared by the tease that is executive producer and supervising director Dave Filoni.

One other piece of media we have of a Rebels character that has a look that differs from their current design is Hera’s Disney Infinity figure.


Now, while there are possible reasons available as to why Hera looks different than how we know her, I feel that there is also a good chance that this could be at least a hint as to how she’ll look in season 3. Looking at the other figures, they all look very much like their animated counterparts, and even in the design stages, it was poses that were being figured out and not changes to their established designs.

disney-infinity-star-wars-rebels-figuresUnlike movie characters, like Leia, who had more than a few outfits to choose from when they were designing her figure, the characters in Rebels only have a singular canon outfit, which none of the other Disney Infinity designs have strayed from. Until, Hera’s figure came along. So take from that what you will, but if this is a hint towards Hera’s season 3 look, I am not at all disappointed.

My hopes for other season 3 designs:

  • I have heard rumors for a long while now, but I’d love Ezra to have short hair.
  • Sabine having a jetpack. It is such a must for a Mandalorian, and her mentioning having one last season only makes me want it more.
  • I’d love Kanan to have a battle mask of some kind.

Johna’s thoughts:

  • I’d love to see Ezra have a new design on the back of his vest.
  • It’d be great to see Zeb sport some deeper colors.
  • I know they’re not going to do this, but it’s about time Kanan pulls off the hair tie and lets his hair flow free!

What are you most looking forward to seeing when it comes to season 3 character designs? Share in the comments section below.

(Photos: Lucasfilm, Disney Infinity)

10 comments on “Anticipating ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3 Designs

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  2. @Kelly M- Wow! I hope you have a blast! Make sure you take a lot of pictures/videos! ;)
    @Lledra- No problem! And yes, a trailer would be amazing! At SW Celebration Anaheim they showed the Rebels S.2 trailer (which I was there for!), so hopefully they’ll show a trailer for S.3 at Celly Europe. I hope they have live stream like last year! There’s tons of panels I need to see really bad. :D And I was wondering, do you ship Sabezra? :3

    • I really hope they have a livestream as well! It’ll make not being there easier to bear! Haha! As for Sabezra, I both do and don’t. It could or couldn’t happen and I won’t be disappointed, even if it’s something I’ve low key shipped since before the series started with something Dave said. What I am super looking forward to and am hopeful for is seeing Ezra and Sabine doing awesome things together next season! Since they haven’t had too much interaction with one another.

  3. Gosh, I think I will not leave twitter during Star Wars Celebration. I will just sit here and stare at the screen and wait and wait …. I’m so thrilled for the new designs!!
    Thanks for the awesome speculation! What do you think Ezra’s new lightsaber will look like?

    • That’s a fantastic question. I’d love for Ezra to have another unique saber design considering how creative his first one was, but I could see him having something a bit more traditional. The other thing I’d love is for his saber to maybe be a different colour from the original blue.

  4. I love this article! I’m super pumped to see what the crew’s new garb will look like. It would be really awesome if they would release the photos at Celebration Europe, so people that are going to cosplay as members of the Ghost crew for future cons (like me!) will have time to make the newest edition. ;) I think it would be spectacular if they would make Ezra taller in this season, for instance Sabine’s height or taller. Shout-out to Lledra for making my hopes come true in her artwork! :D I also can’t wait to see what Sabine’s new hair will look like. -Chaney Hunt

    • I really can’t wait to see how everyone will look! and see just how far off I am with the designs I’ve settled into drawing. lol And thank you for liking them by the way, it makes me happy to know my designs and art are enjoyed! I am hoping those of us who can’t be there get at least a few things to look at, and hope we get a season 3 trailer.

  5. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get into that Rebels season 3 screening at Star Wars Celebration later this month. It’s got to be the best way to see the crew members’ new looks… ;-)

    • It’s so awesome you’ll be there! I hope you can get in and that you have a lot of fun at the con!

      • Thanks! I expect I’ll be spending a lot of my time standing in queues but it’ll be an amazing experience nonetheless. :-D

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