Fan Artist Spotlight: RebelJanetRex

Today’s fan artist spotlight is on RebelJanetRex! You can find her thoughts and art over at Tumblr.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a freshman college student studying animation. I love everything to do with art and I really want to become better at everything I do. Fan art is a fun way for me to express my emotions through a creative outlet and I love it!

When and how did you become a Star Wars fan?

I’ve been a casual fan ever since I saw The Phantom Menace when I was really little. I loved Jar Jar Binks (he’s the best in the eyes of little kids) and the pod races and everything about it was amazing to me. I always thought the original trilogy was boring and old, so I never got into it. I loved Attack of the Clones and I had a huge crush on Obi-Wan. My first Star Wars movie in a theater was Revenge of the Sith. After that came out, my love kind of died.

When The Force Awakens was announced, my brother decided to watch The Clone Wars cartoon on Netflix. I had watched a couple episodes and thought it was stupid, but he watched it anyway. I watched a few episodes with him and still didn’t like it very much until the episode where Cad Bane steals a Jedi Holocron and forces Anakin to open it for him. Something about that episode seemed really cool to me, so I decided to give the series another chance and I’m so glad I did.

I fell in love with all of the characters (especially Captain Rex) and I couldn’t help but start drawing them in my sketchbooks. I was amazed at who they brought back in the season 4 finale (who then became my favorite villain of all time) and I was devastated in the season 5 finale. I had heard of Rebels, so once I finished watching The Clone Wars, I checked it out. I wasn’t that into it at the beginning, but after “Gathering Forces”, I grew to enjoy it a lot. I saw the trailer for season 2 and got very excited because Captain Rex was going to be fighting against the Empire. I now love Star Wars Rebels with all of my heart and the characters are so amazing.

What tools do you use to create your art?

I use Adobe Photoshop CC and a Huion 1060 pro tablet for all of my digital art and Micron pens and pencil on sketchbook paper for everything traditional. I scan some of my traditional drawings and color them using Photoshop.

What is your favorite Star Wars piece that you have created and why are you fond of it?

I am an avid Kanera shipper and the finale of Rebels season 2 destroyed me emotionally. I needed something happy to get my mind off of the sadness that was evident in everything surrounding the finale. This was my first completely digital piece and I am very happy with how it turned out, to be honest. They will always be happy in the end, despite all of the hard challenges they face.

You’re beautiful tonight…” by RebelJanetRex

What’s the best and most difficult thing about being an artist?

The best thing about being an artist is being able to express my emotions in ways that others can appreciate. When I’m excited about something, I draw. When I’m angry, I draw. When I’m inspired by something I hear or see, I draw. When something has destroyed me emotionally, I draw. It is through drawing and art that I have been able to communicate with others who I never would have before. Through a single image I can cause a million different stories to be told in a million different minds. It’s truly amazing what art can do.

What’s difficult for me is that I’m still learning. I’m not a professional artist. I didn’t take a ton of art classes in high school because there were other things I was interested in doing. I know I can get better and I have gotten a lot better from where I started. But not being where I want to be is what’s hard for me. I can see my potential, but I just haven’t reached it yet.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to pursue art as a hobby or profession?

Just keep doing it. I could not draw people for the longest time. Nothing looked right whenever I tried. So I decided I would draw people more often and now it’s all I draw. Now I can draw people pretty well. I’m nowhere near perfect (obviously), but I’m a lot better than I was before. All I can tell you is to keep doing whatever art you enjoy and don’t be afraid to share it. Showing my drawings to my friends in high school really helped me to want to keep drawing.

How else do you express your love for Star Wars (cosplay, fanfiction, etc.)?

I dabble in fan fiction. Although, I’m not the best writer in the world. They are published on AO3 and I also have a YouTube channel, where I’ve edited clips of The Clone Wars and Rebels to music.

Any final thoughts?

Just keep swimming, and may the force be with you, my friends.


Thank you so much for sharing your art with us, Janet! You have such a positive attitude, and I hope you reach your art goals one day. Keep up the fantastic work, and may the Force be with you!

If you’re interested in sharing your Star Wars fan art with us, you can find more information here.

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