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The Women of the ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Comics

Some of my favorite stories surrounding the Ghost crew come from the comics that are written for the Star Wars Rebels Magazine by Titan Magazines in the United States and Egmont UK Ltd in the United Kingdom. Each 12-page comic officially ties in with the animated series and explores new and exciting adventures outside of what’s seen on the television screen.

What I love most of all about the comics are the female characters that have been created by Martin Fisher and the Star Wars Rebels comic team (Ingo Römling, Eva Widermann, and Bob Molesworth). From MaDall to Reann, you have a variety of women with different beliefs, motivations, and goals. I hope we continue to see this kind of diversity in future comics as well as in other Star Wars stories.

(Note: This post contains spoilers for comics that have not been released in the United States.)



Both regal and ruthless, MaDall was a Zygerrian who built her wealth on the backs of slaves. One shipment of labor from Lothal included Mandalorian weapons expert Sabine Wren, who took it upon herself to end MaDall’s slave operation, but the slave master wasn’t going to go down easy. MaDall proved to be a worthy adversary for Sabine, but what was more impressive was her potential. She has the potential to be an ally and use her skills for something that’s bigger than herself. Her future is unknown, but I hope Sabine’s message in the end sparked something inside of her.



Sweet, adorable Mindiz lived in Tarkintown, where she relied on the rebels for food and supplies. One of my favorite things about her was that she shared a special friendship with Zeb. So when Agent Kallus poisoned the food the rebels stole and Mindiz fell ill, Zeb did everything he could to get the antidote necessary to save her life and the lives of many other Tarkintown settlers.

Tarkintown was later burned down in “Siege of Lothal” and its residents were relocated to a detention camp. Was Mindiz subjected to this terrible fate? Will we see the people of Tarkintown again? I’m not sure what’s the likelihood of it happening, but it’d be great to see Zeb be reunited with his friend and take her to a safer location away from the clutches of the Empire. Better yet, I would love to see Mindiz take a more active role in the growing rebellion, so here’s hoping we get to see her again down the line.

Senator Nadea Tural


Nadea Tural was first introduced in the Star Wars Rebels comic before making a final appearance in Marvel’s Star Wars Annual 1. Tural served in the Senate of the Galactic Empire, and after suffering a crash, she was rescued by the Ghost crew. When things went sideways for the rebels, however, and they were lined up for execution, Tural demanded that they get a fair trial. Her words and sentiments were ignored, and after experiencing the unjust behavior at first hand, Tural acted quickly and helped the rebels escape. She thanked them for having saved her in the first place, and even though she didn’t agree entirely with how the rebels went about with their operations, she mentioned that she had a clearer perspective about the Empire. She continued to be a strong voice and rebel sympathizer in the Senate, even during her last moments.

Commander Earll


Commander Earll managed to do what others Imperial officers consistently failed to do—she captured the rebels! Efficient and unsympathetic, Earll boarded the Ghost and subdued both Sabine and Ezra, while the rest of her squad captured the others. Without hesitation, she ordered the immediate execution of the rebel crew, knowing that each passing moment was a moment wasted, since they could easily slip away from her grasp. Earll came close to accomplishing the task that so many others had failed to do before her, but Senator Nadea Tural’s treacherous act was a factor she didn’t add to her equation. As a result, she was rendered unconscious and the rebels escaped once again. If we do encounter her again, the Ghost crew better be careful, since she seems like the type of person to hold a grudge, especially when she came so close to winning.

Assessor Potalla


A no-nonsense kind of woman, Potalla was an assessor, an Imperial officer tasked with the responsibility to evaluate other Imperial officers. In this case, she was sent to Lothal to evaluate and assess Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko and Taskmaster Myles Grint. She would also report her findings directly to Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. Potalla, in the end, was the reason why Tarkin eventually made a personal visit to Lothal, since she reported that both Aresko and Grint had grown complacent in their duties. I wonder if she eventually found out what happened to Aresko and Grint and whether she was for it or against it.



We saw Agent Kallus start to question his position in the Empire at the end of “The Honorable Ones”, but before that happened, Kallus was on the hunt for one of his own. Swain was a student of his and an ISB agent-in-training who began questioning the system, and soon after, managed to escape. The only other female ISB agent that comes to mind is Commander Alecia Beck from Smuggler’s Run by Greg Rucka, so it was exciting to discover another female ISB agent, especially one who had been trained by Agent Kallus. Although things didn’t exactly pan out for her, I could see her somehow escaping her current situation. She seems like the type of character to never give up, even in the face of defeat.

Reann Tomvig


When Ezra went undercover at the Imperial Academy on Lothal in “Breaking Ranks”, the episode primarily focused on him, Zare Leonis, Jai Kell, and Oleg, and an opportunity was missed by not including a female cadet in the ranks. Although it was great hearing Dante Basco’s voice, Jai Kell could have been our first female cadet in the series. Thankfully, Martin Fisher created Reann Tomvig, a cadet who wasn’t like the rest in her unit. While she and the others had sworn an allegiance to the Empire, Reann wasn’t quite sure where she stood. What made Reann stand out was that she understood right from wrong long before the Empire came into her life, while her comrades blindly followed without question. In the end, Reann made the smart choice, but every action has consequences. How will this affect her family? What will she do next? I’m eager to find out how she will play a part in the growing rebellion.


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(Photos: Lucasfilm, Titan Magazines, Egmont UK Ltd)

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  1. I honestly want to see MaDall and Reann again.

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