Ahsoka Lives Day at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016

We’re excited to announce that Ahsoka Lives Day will be returning to Star Wars Celebration! This is a fan-made event that was created by Amy Ratcliffe and Johnamarie Macias in Anaheim last year, and with the help of Savanna Kiefer and Ashley Eckstein, we plan to continue the tradition at this year’s Celebration in London!

The season two finale of Star Wars Rebels left fans with a lot of questions, but one thing is certain and that is that Ahsoka Tano continues to live on in our hearts. After a successful “Ahsoka Lives Day” at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim where many fans came together to celebrate a beloved character, we are excited to announce that the tradition will continue!

Join us for a group photo with the voice of Ahsoka, Ashley Eckstein, at the Star Wars Show Stage at 12:30pm on Friday, July 15, of Star Wars Celebration Europe. We encourage you to wear your favorite Ahsoka Tano shirt, accessories, or costume.

For fans at home, please participate by sharing photos of your Ahsoka-themed outfits or costumes by using the hashtag #AhsokaLives.

To find the Facebook event and join in the discussion, please visit bit.ly/AhsokaLivesDay2016.


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