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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3 Clip and Thoughts

We’ve all been craving new Star Wars Rebels content, so when a clip from season three appeared in the latest Star Wars Show, it was like seeing an oasis in the middle of the desert. Executive producer and supervising director Dave Filoni helped unveil a sneak peek at what’s to come in the next season days before fans at Star Wars Celebration Europe get the first official look at the first two episodes in season three.

The clip comes from the season three premiere, written by Steven Melching, who also wrote “The Mystery of Chopper Base”, “Twilight of the Apprentice”, and much more. There are several things happening in this three minute clip, from the new designs to the rescue of our favorite pirate, Hondo Ohnaka. And if all that happened in three minutes, I can only imagine what the rest of the episode has in store.


Without a doubt, Ezra is the character that showed the most growth in the clip. When my younger brother first chopped off his hair, it resulted in him looking significantly older. A lot of fans also pointed out that the new hairstyle is very similar to Legends character Galen Marek (Starkiller), and there are definitely other parallels present between Star Wars Rebels and The Force Unleashed, since Kanan Jarrus and Rahm Kota are both blind mentors. One thing is certain, though, and that is that Ezra looks more fierce and dangerous.

A Tumblr user pulled up this quote from a past episode of Rebels Recon: “Ezra’s on that path of using aggression and being powerful—not with being more passive with the Force,” said Dave Filoni. “So he’s very active as a fighter. So he’s getting more confident and strong.” The same fan also pointed out that he showed lenience in the episode “Stealth Strike” when he told the stormtrooper that he wasn’t going to harm him. Ezra’s definitely changed his method of operation, but unlike Anakin, I hope he’ll eventually step back and realize that he should approach things with more thought and care instead of aggression.

Compared to his season one and two design, he looks more cleaned up and put together. I love that he continues to wear orange and yellow in his outfit, since those are the colors he primarily wore in the previous two seasons. TWG contributor Elisa Ardell also pointed out that there was a subtle similarity between Ezra’s new design and Anakin’s season one armor from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. People in general have stated that he gives off an Anakin vibe in this clip, but Elisa also pointed out that Ezra does have access to Kanan’s holocron, which contains tutorials sessions instructed by Anakin.

That, along with whatever other training he’s undergoing with Kanan, has really improved his skills with the lightsaber. He was already doing impressive moves in the second season and what he pulled off in this clip shows that his skills have significantly grown. We don’t know the story behind his new lightsaber, but with his blaster saber having been destroyed by Darth Vader in the season two finale, it’s a shame that it doesn’t appear to have any unique features. That’s what made his blaster saber so amazing—it was a weapon for both long and short range combat. Now, he carries a blaster similar to the DL-44, so we’re visually getting closer to A New Hope. It’s also interesting that his saber now displays a green color. There’s really no canon description as to what each color signifies, and although most people think of Luke’s lightsaber, I always think of Qui-Gon Jinn’s lightsaber. He was an unorthodox Jedi with his own rebellious views and principles, and I like to think Ezra is walking along the same steps and carving out his own path.

His overall demeanor is also completely different. You have characters like Sabine who have a set behavior in how they react to things, but Ezra is at that point where you don’t know what to expect from him. For the first few seconds, he was his old self, happy to see Hondo again. Once the stormtroopers show up, however, it’s like a different Ezra took over. It goes along with what Sabine later says to Hondo when he asks if the person handling the lightsaber with great skill is Ezra. She says, “Most of the time.” Meaning that most of the time he’s Ezra, and other times, he’s someone completely different.


Great things are coming for Sabine’s character in season three. It’s been stated time and again that Sabine will play a bigger role in the next season and that she will hold the same level of importance (in terms of what happens in the future) as Ezra. It’s interesting that some people thought Ezra was leading the mission (and he probably was the leader for this particular mission), but I got the impression that they were working with each other. Ezra took Sabine’s cue and held his ground to shoot back at the troopers and Sabine and the others waited for him to sense their nearest exist.

She also underwent a few minor changes. Her helmet has more purple, she now wears fingerless gloves, and her left shoulder plate has a new design. From certain angles, if you look really carefully, it looks as if Sabine has the drawing of a convor on her shoulder plate. If that’s the case, then it’s definitely something done in remembrance of Ahsoka. How Sabine made the connection between Ahsoka and the convor is another question, since we didn’t see them interact in the previous season. (They did have a mission together, however, in the Star Wars Rebels Magazine. And if you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend reading up on those stories by subscribing to the magazine.)


Zeb also sports a new look! Going into the third season, I wanted to see Zeb in deeper and darker colors. I love that he’s naturally purple, so I wanted to see that highlighted more, since the yellow suit he wore before took some focus away from that. He still wears some yellow, but the upper part of his armor is darker, so it’s more balanced, in my opinion. His shoulder plates are also gone, and with that, Sabine’s design. It’s sad that he doesn’t wear some of her original art anymore, but I wonder if that’s a sign of where things are going, since things are not as innocent as they used to be. When Ezra’s old lightsaber fell broken on the floor in the season finale, my theory was that relationships within the Ghost crew would take a sharp turn. After all, various parts of Ezra’s saber came from what the group had offered to him, and when it broke, I got the impression that the Ghost crew would also experience some turbulence heading into season three.

All three characters look battle-hardened. Although we don’t know how much time has passed, I want to say it’s only been a few months or a year at most. Last time we saw Hondo Ohnaka, he was on the bridge of Agent Kallus’ ship in “Legends of the Lasat”. Kallus had let the Ghost crew enter the space anomaly, thinking that they would get crushed in the process. Hondo was also present during those events because he was being held captive by the Empire. He’s a resourceful individual, but I highly doubt Hondo escaped their custody, and given the fact that Ezra and the others were breaking Hondo out of prison, I assume this episode follows those events.

The prison is also very familiar. We saw those halls and elevators in “Rise of the Old Masters” when the crew infiltrated Stygeon Prime to rescue Luminara Unduli. Although sets tend to be reused for budgetary reasons, it would be interesting if Hondo had been locked up on Stygeon Prime. There’s one moment when Ezra looks down a hall to figure out which way to go next, but that moment also gave me the feeling that he was remembering what had happened there and how he and Kanan first encountered the Grand Inquisitor. I know that’s probably not the case, but it’s always fun to jump into the mind of a character and try to determine what they’re thinking about at that moment.

Although we didn’t see her, we did hear Hera’s voice when Ezra contacted her and said that they’d need to do a 44 scoop. Ezra using code like that reminded me of Kanan when he suggested they do a “22 pickup” in Spark of Rebellion. With Kanan having experienced such a traumatic change in “Twilight of the Apprentice”, I can imagine him having a design that’s just as impactful as Ezra’s new look. Hera, like the others, would probably have minor changes. That said, since Ezra has short hair, I wonder if they took the opposite route with Kanan and gave him long hair. Perhaps, a half ponytail?

Finally, Hondo and Tarba have vital information that the rebels need. If Hondo is in prison because of what happened in “Legends of the Lasat”, I wonder how he got in communication with the Ghost crew in the first place. Also, what information does he have that could be of use to them? I can’t wait to discover more details when the season three premiere for audiences at home takes place later this year!

For those of you attending Star Wars Celebration Europe and lucky enough to watch the special screening of the first two episodes, please keep spoilers to yourself and be considerate of others who are eagerly waiting to experience those episodes when they eventually air on television.

Have any thoughts regarding the clip? Share them in the comments section below.

(Photos: Lucasfilm)

24 comments on “‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3 Clip and Thoughts

  1. I’ve been hearing how thrawn will be the biggest danger to the ghost crew but i might be part of a view that seems to think that none of the villains are the biggest threat its actually Ezra. maybe thrawn gave us a forshadowing moment when mentioning that there gonna destroy themselves *cough* ezra vs kanan fight. now that will be a hell of an ending.

  2. Lausemiusta

    very interesting commentary and analyse about SWR season 3, even with 3 portly minutes! well documented and reflexive :-) glad to see that Ezra has grown like the others. I agree with u , he seems more aggressive , no doubt that it might be Maul ‘s legacy . Ezra has not only kanan holocron but also sith holocron. Can’t wait to see what he will do with it, and especially witch path he will choose, even for a while. Huge conflicts to come ! ;-) thanks a lot for such a rich and passionate analysis!!

    • Aww, thank you so much for the lovely comment! I really appreciate that you took the time to read it! Can’t wait for the season to pick back up again!

  3. Why do you think it’s a convor instead of a Nite Owl?

    • It’s just the first thing that popped into my head. Nite Owl didn’t come across my mind, to be honest, but that’s definitely a possibility, especially since we’ll be seeing Mandos again.

    • Dave wants to fool you dont let him do it

  4. Wow! Great article! ;) I love the new looks, personally. It’s so great that they made Ezra taller, since he is only a (year? Maybe two- I don’t remember.) younger than Sabine, and in the previous seasons he was inches shorter than her. I also love Sabine’s new armor look. Purple is my favorite color, so I’m happy she’s adding splashes of it to her new armor. Plus she has shin armor too! Loving that. I’m going to cosplay as Sabine for Star Wars Celebration Orlando next year, so I hope they show more pictures of her new armor so I can cosplay as her new model. Plus has anyone got any clear pictures of her new design on her shoulder plate? I can’t get a good picture of it yet. Again, great article!!! ;D -Chaney Hunt

    • Thanks so much for the lovely comment! I love their new looks as well. I can’t wait to see what Sabine’s hair color/style will be. Also, that’s super cool that you plan to cosplay as her! Here’s hoping they release concept art of the crew in the future. I don’t think there are any clear photos of her shoulder plate, but I’m hoping we’ll get something more in the trailer that we’ll most likely get this weekend from Star Wars Celebration Europe!

  5. After multiple viewings of that sneak peek clip reveal on The Star Wars Show, I can’t help but wonder if Ezra’s fighting style has been influenced by Maul hence the acrobatic flip and side kick. I know that Ezra has always been daring and his agileness is shown at its best in season two “Shroud of Darkness” in the opening action sequence when he and Kanan put up a good fight against the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother right before Chopper swoops in and collects them. But Ezra’s side kick on a Stormtrooper, although not perfect, is very similar to Maul’s side kick on the Seventh Sister in “Twilight of the Apprentice” during their first duel. This leads me to think that Ezra is receiving some sort of training from Maul. And with Kanan adjusting to his blindness he may not be able to continue Ezra’s training, in the short term at least. What are your thoughts on this theory?

    Also the link to the Star Wars Rebels Magazine seems to be broken. It would be interesting to know what mission Sabine and Ahsoka had together.

    • That’s a great theory! Given what happened to Kanan and how Maul was the one to blind him, I don’t think Ezra would be so quick to accept training from him. Even when he was running away from the obelisk, he was warning Kanan and Ahsoka that Maul had tricked them. I think the next time Maul and Ezra meet, Ezra may show some anger towards him. As for his cool and slick moves, he did a similar flip in “Legacy” when he was charging towards Kallus before Kanan shot at the control panel on the wall. Kanan also did that flip in “Rise of the Old Masters”, so Ezra was exposed to it because of Kanan. Like Master, like Padawan, hehe! Any other skills definitely come from Anakin’s tutorials from the holocron, BUT maybe there are similar tutorials from the Sith holocron. Perhaps Ezra is learning more aggressive techniques from there? That’s an interesting thought. Also, I went to change the link, so hopefully it’s working now. Thanks for your awesome comment!

    • Also, I forgot to add that the Sabine and Ahsoka story is called “Ocean Rescue”. If you search for it through Google, you may finds scans that fans may have uploaded, since that story was originally released in Germany and the UK before it’ll come out in the US.

    • Ezra’s been doing such acrobatics since “Stealth Strike” though.

      In fact, after he said, “I’ve got this” to Sato, he proceeded to run up a sidewall and do a full-body slamkick against a stormtrooper.

    • Oh also this:

      Ezra’s kick was identical to Kanan’s kick (in “Call to Action”). So I guess it’s just a Generic Kick :-)

  6. Before this teaser i really wanted to see Kanan the most but now its like i really want to know what Ezra gonna do because he is at the make or brake stage so time will tell but lets not forget just because the seems relatively fine at the moments doesn’t mean he is good. The Darkside takes its time….. Cant wait!!!!!

    • Very true! The dark side can slowly consume you or take you all at once. And you’re right. He may appear to be happy/normal, but he may feeling something else inside. We all experience that from time to time! Thanks so much for your input! Can’t wait to find out more!

  7. pileofsith

    I’m very happy they brought Hondo back into Season 3, I’m very fond of how they portray him in Rebels. It’ll be interesting to see where this season’s direction will be heading, but I’m assuming the characters will be gaining higher stakes as the ANH timeline draws nearer.
    It’s hard to tell from the images, but I think Zeb does have some of Sabine’s artwork, at least I see some dots and squiggles on his chestplate (on opposite half to where the blue-and-white circle and triangle sign is)…

    • Oh! I’ll have to take a closer look. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of them in a trailer, so here’s hoping we get one this weekend. And I’m super glad they brought Hondo back! He’s such a great character. This season is going to give us SO many emotions!

  8. Kanan is definitely the character I want to see the most. I want to see how much they change his design. Will he get cyber eyes like Wolffe? Will he stick with the simple cloth over his eyes? Will he get a visor over his eyes like Star Trek’s Geordi La Forge? There’s a lot of ways they could go

    • I know what you mean! I hope he gets a different color cloth (black or gray), but I wouldn’t want him to have cybernetic eyes. I like the fact that he and the Jedi of old were trained with blindfolds, so not having the ability to see would help him in being more in touch with the Force. If he gets the Wolffe-like eyes, it kind of defeats the purpose, I think. I really can’t wait to see what he’ll look like! The wait is killing me, but here’s hoping we get a season three trailer this weekend! Woo!

      • Remember that thing with Jaig Eyes that Filoni tweeted, like, a month back?

        Could that be Kanan’s eye covering?

        • Maybe! We didn’t see it on any of the characters that were in the clip, so it definitely comes down to Kanan.

      • I am also hoping that Kanan will eventually have his sight restored as there are many fans who are already comparing Kanan and Ezra to Star Wars The Force Unleased story line. Kanan could undergo an new advanced form of medical treatment a few years later only as a test subject as he would say that he has come to terms with not seeing and only would have the surgery done in order to help others. This could occur prior to when Luke has to undergo a similar treatment to have a cybernetic right hand in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back.

        • As cool as that would be, it would defeat the purpose of him having gone blind in the first place. Kanan’s blindness is something he has to face and accept. The same for the audience. He’s on the path of the Jedi, and as a Jedi, he was trained with blindfolds. All of the younglings were trained that way. Being blind is going to help him get more in touch with the Force. Of course, it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be a difficult journey for Kanan and the crew. So as cool as it would be for him to have cybernetic eyes, it just takes away from the initial impact of what happened to him. If they’re going to make him see again, then they shouldn’t have made him go blind in the first place. At least, that’s my take on it. It’s like killing a character and then having them return through some hidden alternative. I know that’s a bad comparison, but that’s what it feels like to me. Thanks for your response!

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