SWCE 2016: Ahsoka Tano Digital Cards by Topps

During the “Ahsoka’s Untold Tales” panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe, Topps unveiled a set of 10 digital cards designed by Dave Filoni.

“These are images I made just for Topps that start to explain visually, metaphorically what the end is about,” said executive producer and supervising director Dave Filoni, specifically referring to the season two finale of Star Wars Rebels. “You can stare at them for hours and try to figure out what does it mean.”

I’ve stared at them for what seems like days, and the question is still the same, “What does it all mean?!”


We know that the images are following the events of the season two finale of Star Wars Rebels. Here, we see Ahsoka igniting her two lightsabers. This is the moment right before she and Darth Vader clash.


Darth Vader temporarily overpowers Ahsoka, but she returns just in time to stop him from taking the Sith holocron from Ezra and Kanan. In doing that, she slices at his helmet, revealing a familiar face. In this image, we see Ahsoka walking away. She’s not walking into the temple, though. At least, I don’t think so. I think this is Ahsoka walking away from him at the end of season five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


This is the last time we see Ahsoka before the temple explodes. She turns to push Ezra back to spare him from what’s about to happen.


Vader emerges from the rubble and limps away. In the episode, the convor watches up ahead before flying off and disappearing into the smoke.


Through the smoke, we see the faint image of what appears to be Ahsoka walking through a triangular arch into the remains of the temple. In this image, we see her unscathed and walking down a set of stairs.


“These are the most revealing,” Filoni said, referring to the card above and below. “The most interesting, I think, because it starts to get into really these kind of psychological, subconsciousness–what is this journey into the underworld mean. It’s obviously Ahsoka in that doorway. What does that mean?”

Unfortunately, I have no idea what it means! In the image, we do see Ahsoka enter the ruins of the temple. Out in front of her is a winding “path”, and in the background, we see the convor waiting for her. Since Filoni mentioned “underworld”, my mind immediately went to Greek mythology. I remember basic details here and there, but the convor reminded me of Charon, the ferryman of Hades who carried souls across rivers, transporting them from the world of the living to the world of the dead.


Ahsoka steps into the water. I don’t recall water being present around or inside the Sith Temple, so where did it come from? Maybe the explosion cracked open some underground sources of water. Then again, this is supposed to be a metaphor of sorts, as Filoni had mentioned during the panel.


Ahsoka’s walking through the water and following the convor, who’s essentially guiding her away from the world of the living.


Ahsoka emerges from the water and starts to climb up a spiral staircase that’s taking her up to a different part of the Temple.


Ahsoka reaches her destination, but where is she? She has her left foot forward as if she’s walking into a room. A room with a circle-shaped doorway that’s lined with wolves! We all know Dave Filoni loves wolves. We’ve even seen them on the walls of Lothal’s Jedi Temple, specifically in the episode “Shroud of Darkness”.


According to the caption, “The ancient artwork seen in the Jedi Temple includes humanoid beings riding what appear to be giant wolves.”

So even after putting the images in order, breaking them down, and finding some wolf imagery in a Jedi Temple rather than a Sith Temple, I still don’t have any clue! I just have more questions: Where did the convor go? Is Ahsoka in limbo? Is the room she’s stepping into an ancient room that was used by the Jedi in the past? If so, what sort of knowledge will she find there?

We know that Dave Filoni and the writing crew have an idea of where Ahsoka will end up in the future, but for right now, it’s a complete mystery.

Do you have any theories floating around in your mind? Share them in the comments below.

UPDATE: Austin from Far Far Away Radio shared this bit of information with me on Twitter as well as his thoughts.

He wrote, “The idea of Ahsoka being more than mortal made me think of the theories of her taking the place of the [Daughter]. In which case… maybe Vader tried to kill her but she can’t *really* die. Similar to Force Ghost but different, [Daughter] thing.”

Have anymore thoughts to share based on Austin’s tweet? Share them below.

UPDATE, 2/27/2018: If you’re here because you just watched “Wolves and a Door” and “A World Between Worlds,” welcome! We finally have answers! Now that we have more information about these cards, I think we need to rearrange them. Wouldn’t you agree? I think the card where Ahsoka walks through the wolves-lined doorway should come BEFORE she enters the Temple. Do you see the cards in a different order? Share your comments in the section below.

29 comments on “SWCE 2016: Ahsoka Tano Digital Cards by Topps

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  5. Christopher

    I may be a little late to this, but I think the simplest answer may be the best. I like the Handle analogy. I followed the wolf so to speak. I looked at every early mythology of the wolf across the world. Native American, and Japan(Okami) are a few. All reflect the middle way. I was wondering about the wolf riding in the Jedi Temple. Maybe Dave, likes Princess Mononoke by Hayao Miyazaki. Just my thoughts.

  6. I think the water represents the force which all spirits are a part of. Normally after death they go back to the force and and just become one with the whole, like an individual drop of water falling into a pond and then loosing its individual identity. But Ahsoka has ascended from this body of water meaning she either averted death all together or kept her identity even as part of the force. I think at some point during clone wars someone even says something about people not being able to keep their individual identity when they become one with the force.

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  8. StallionElite

    The canary in the coal mine. Look it up.

  9. Allyn Steinke

    This is loaded with goodies. The first one with her walking through the triangle is Ahsoka feeling lost with no purpose until she sees the owl which represents the goal of her new adventure. At this time notice the path is clear but leads past the owl meaning that eventually they must part ways. Also the path behindo her is crumbling representing her past and trying to leave it behind her by focusing on something else to forget the pain it’s caused her.
    The next one has her surrounding herself with light meaning she is utilising what she knows through her own experience to find her way.
    The next one has the owl flying with her guiding her with what knowledge it has that she doesn’t as she seems to exausted her own limits. It is the metaphor that one cannot truly rely only on one’s self and that different viewpoints or perceptions can be found within others to achieve progress or growth.
    Next is the stairs that she has learned to either build or see because of the help of the owl the perspective she did not have before. So now she walks through the doorway at the top of the stairs only to find new adventures with countless outcomes all based on the choices she’ll make from here. Each wolf is another individual like her with its own goal in life and it’s own take on what’s right and wrong. The white and red ring represents both conflict and understanding between her and the wolves as some will align with her mindset and some will be averse to it which will in turn lead her to try to understand their point of view. I think in the end though it’s will come down to Ahsoka having to realize that Vader is Anakin the way that Vader sees what he’s doing as good even though Anakin would seemingly never be like that. Shell have to accept that Vader is Anakin who let’s his past control him and that by trying to kill everyone he is trying to free himself from that pain.
    More or less whatever journey that she is going to do next wI’ll understand the warped mindset of her master and he offered her a chance for mercy. . Shell be able to understand him and that he’s trying to save her.
    Lot of existentialism thoughts and them meaninin behind thme and to fingers purpose in life.

  10. StallionElite

    Alright here it goes… I would like to apologize to everyone who has seen or will see this thread and realize now that this is not the place for my previous comments and really they shouldn’t have been posted anywhere. I would also like to say thanks to Dave filoni for the character of Ahsoka Tano and for this wonderful representative artwork. Also kids watch what you put on the Internet it’s a dangerous place.

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  14. StallionElite

    OMG just watched avengers assemble s3 eps 13 and 14 and they’re written to mirror the s2 finale of rebels. It’s like a carbon copy with interchangeable characters lol. Still don’t forget to appreciate the content and characters at hand. Makes sense since they’re both Disney Xd. Currently investigating the latest Ultimate Spidermans. SHARE THIS.

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  17. StallionElite

    Focusing only on the wolf pics right now. The wolf represents the ever moving path of the force and her relationship with the jedi.there are many separate paths within the wolf some lead to dark or light but all are the wolf. Perhaps it maybe even means that she is partners with the wolf ahem* nix okami or the path of the warrior. The first two image is just the wolf the only thing she needs aka herself as a jedI youngling and her lover nix or maybe rex or whoever. The second set is her hopes of the future with the jedi wolf as a family. there is what she sees and what she wants to see. The family is broken the son dark uses power to separate and be free while the daughter light uses reason and love to gain acceptance of the parent who rejects in favor of the son out of love to hold the family together. This is her not accepting herself as a jedi as she has shown through season 2 and her rejecting what she knows is not an anakin to stay with the dark vader. It’s her not song the whole of things. The last set is her accepting herself of the past and welcoming all that she couldn’t see before in the son. She accepts the dark but you can see it will not accept her.There is only the family only the force But she is also still riding the wolf the path that she chooses aka warrior, rebel, maybe moving on from life I like to think she’s not dead. But her eyes are losed perhaps crying perhaps a state of serenity that things have been and always will be like this or maybe she can’t have a family with nix. This all directly correlates with the lasat episode of the child the fool and the warrior. Hell they even named the mother as Ashla the name ahsoka will use as a cover in her novel. She is all of them and they are all her.
    As per the red cards the first are recaps of the finale the I beleve the triangle Saber one is her defeating vader and looking down on him as the one with power. The apprentice has surpassed the master. The one with vader mask is what they both see. To her she sees it is her rejection of self and what she must do if she doesn’t want to be the one inside the mask. To vader is the person whom he only knows of the past who is far more powerful than he who is walking away from him for good. Truthfully he doesn’t know this person or what things she’s done. They both don’t know each other now. Remember padme “Anakin you’re going down a path I can’t follow I don’t know you.” Ahsoka is lost to him forever because this is all that vader can see. That is what he accepts.
    As per Mortis the convor is obviously The daughter guiding her through the dark and all that which specifics here are non existent because filoni will have to come up with any number of visions or trials to complete the story. The doorway is ahsoka being reborn becoming enlightened in the force accepting the child,the red circle representing new life and unknowingness, the fool, the red and white line representing endless struggle and the wolf, the warrior who runs in the light and guides the other two. Now back to the last set the family picture. The daughter is inside her so maybe she has to literally deliver he back to the family. She is submerged in darkness up to her belly perhaps letting sith alchemy play it’s part on her and her human partner or seeds of the dark siDE isnide her. Then she reaches the stairs and steps up to revels her breastplate is significantly lowere on her abodomen. Remember that the father is the only one alive at the time of mortis apparent destruction. He cannot die only be weakened. He is the force an old weak, yet powerful geezer. So she’ll give birth to twins one daughter reborn and one son born from seeds of the dark side planted in her by hermaster. Born from nothing. And she’ll have to leave them without connecting to her children with this gray zone jedi like being and go on living her life only with her wolf, her warrior self and/or human partner whom she can’t have a family with. Perhaps this is why her eyes are closed yet the wolf runs freely and swiftly. It has all come full cycle.
    As per her reappearing maybe she already has in the trailer for season three there was an informant who used her for head markings as their symbol. Maybe it’s her or to honor her. Don’t know well have to wait and see. Anyway one last thing. Filoni said she still has something do. That is a what her vision told her she must leave this planet

    • StallionElite.

      The real truth is that the wolf, rider, dark light and grey all are interchangeble and represent different aspects of the self and the grater whole. So really it doesn’t matter the outcome, what matters is the life you’re, given, and the family and people you meet along the way that have shaped who you are by where you’ve been, where you are now and where you’re going. Good or bad, alone or surrounded by people you love or hate, you will always be with them and they will always be with you. They are you and you are them now and forever.

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  19. I know Dave Filoni has compared her to Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings a few times, and I think that it supports the theory that she goes to the world of the dead/underworld and then comes back. It would definitely be similar to Gandalf’s death and return.

  20. DarthNater

    I heard Dave Filoni say during an interview that the design of the Sith Temple and (I think he said this but I could be wrong) the door around Ahsoka at the end of the episode, is very intentionally meant to be the same design as Mortis. So, could it be they Ahsoka is not actually entering the Sith Temple but is journeying into the underworld or some pathway back to the realm of Mortis where she will take the place of the Daughter. The Owl, which represents death is guiding her to that realm. Vader indeed kills her, but because of her experience on Mortis, which Dave also references from time to time is one that should be considered when trying to figure out her fate. She comes back to life on Mortis by the daughter transferring her life energy to save her. So this “owl” creature (can’t remember the actual name) is part of all this. In the episode that precedes “The Twilight of the Apprentice” the “owl” creature flys access the screen before the fade to black. Ahsoka notices it and has a look of reflection on her face. She seems to know what is about to happen or what her role will be in the upcoming battle. She almost seems to realize at that moment that she will not be coming back. She has some connection with that bird. As if the bird has been watching over her until she is ready to take her position in the Daughter Role. So if she is the Daughter and Maul or maybe even the Emperor is the Son then Anakin is still the balance of the Force. The only remaining questions in my mind (outside of the fact that I could be completely wrong about all this) is why did Yoda send them there in the first place? He seems frustrated when he to Ezra to “Go to Malacor” what does Yoda know about all this? What what is his role in what happened? Why it just to send them there to find the Sith Holocron? Why would he so cryptic if it was just to find the Holocron before the Sith did? And what was that exchange between Ahsoka and Yoda about as the Lothal temple was collapsing? Was that Yoda’s message to Ahsoka that her time was coming? I guess we will find out just a bit more (hopefully) when, according to Filoni Ahsoka just maybe will make some return to Rebels.

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  23. I have to leave a comment as I’m SO INTO mythology of every kind and I love these pictures!
    Okay, what have we? The contrast between the triangle and the circle – I don’t know, could it be that the triangle stands for death and / or the dark side whereas the circle stands for life / the light side? It’s remarkable that Ashoka shows the triangle with her blades in the first picture, corner pointing upwards, while her armour shows a circle as a breastplate – in front of her heart. In the 5th image we witness Ahsoka’s way into the underworld, through the triangle (the form of the Sith temple, of the Sith holocron …) She comes to a river, which seems to me like one of the rivers of the Greek underworld. Styx parts the world of the living from the world of the dead, but there is also Lethe, which brings oblivion. (And there is Mnemosyne which brings memory and knowledge of all things.) The convor looks back at her like a guide to the underworld, a spirit guide of some sorts. (Ah, and look at the colours: It’s only red, black and white, symbolic colours that were often used to describe life circles, like white for creation, red for persisting and black for ceasing – there is much black in Vader, of course, but Ahsoka wears all the colours with white in her face. The convor is white, too – perhaps a guide to a new life, some sort of circle who begins anew?)
    As Ahsoka crosses the water, she seems to stay there, bathing in a circle of white. The convor guides her on, the river stretches to a thinning triangle and in the picture where she is climbing the stairs, she leaves red and black behind, emerges from a triangle that is now standing on its tip (so she takes some kind of reverse road?) onto white stairs – transcending to something new, a new state of existence? A new life? Then she arrives at the end of the road. Red colour is framing her, the blood of life? And the entrance is a circle, guarded not by the Convor anymore, but by white wolves. The triangle ended Ahsoka’s life, the circle grants her a new beginning?
    Oh, I have so many questions! And as we could see the wolves already within the temple of Lothal, a place that was harbouring the light side as well as the dark side – does Ahsoka exist there as a memory, like the “Sentinel” who left his dark side to become a spirit guide to Kanan? Are there any traces of circles and triangles on the ground outside of the temple? I can’t find any pictures … or I’m not googling it right. ;)
    So, thank you very much for speculating and making me speculate on these great symbolic images! :D

    • I had no idea that the triangle and circle had those meanings! Thank you so much for sharing that information with me! Really love your thoughts on these images, but like you, I definitely have lots of questions for Dave Filoni! I love that he knows all the secrets and dangles them in front of us, haha!

      • I really don’t think she’s dead though… Dave has already denied the force ghost theory which that sounds like your theory supports. I still think she’s made it. The owl is the daughter guiding her though out the temple. We’ll see.

        • I don’t think she’s a Force Ghost either. If I had thought that, I would have mentioned it in the main post. To be a Force Ghost, you needed to have special training (as mentioned in Star Wars: The Clone Wars). Ahsoka didn’t have that training. My friend brought up a good point (which I’ll add to the end of this post as an update) that Ahsoka could be more than mortal. Since she had been resurrected by the Daughter in the Mortis arc, there’s definitely something supernatural at play. Whatever it is, I don’t know, but it’s fun just to speculate!

          • I didn’t think it’s this way either. She is not coming back as a Force Ghost, I think. Perhaps she’s the avatar of the light side, after a spiritual way through the underworld. I don’t think this is literally the Sith temple on Malachor she is descending into. This is something else, some spirit realm. Perhaps she’ll meet the Bendu … in the middle. ;))

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