Geeky Bubble: Clone Wars – Holocrons and Cad Bane

Johnamarie and Maria discuss the following Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes from season two: “Holocron Crisis,” “Cargo of Doom,” “Children of the Force,” and “Senate Spy.” Topics of discussion include Ahsoka’s temporary guard duty at the Jedi Archives, Cad Bane’s return and mission to acquire a Jedi holocron, Sidious’ scheme with Force sensitive children, and Anakin and Padmé’s imbalanced relationship.

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2 comments on “Geeky Bubble: Clone Wars – Holocrons and Cad Bane

  1. I didn’t realize until watching this episode twice that it was heavily inspired by the Hitchock film “Notorious” where Ingrid Bergman’s character is asked by the US government to rekindle romance with a man suspected of assisting Nazis. Consequently, she’s also poisoned in an attempt to shut her up and the staircase scene is right out of “Notorious” where Cary Grant carries her to safety. (I don’t think I’d share drinks with anyone either, even if it was a mocha frappucino!)

    JM, how does the purple dress compare to the gauzy one she wears in “Attack of the Clones” by the Naboo lake? I don’t know how that one got held up with nothing in the back!

    • Apologies for my insanely late reply! I think the Naboo Lake dress had a collar, right? I think that’s how it was held up, but this purple dress had to have been glued to her, lol! I’ll have to compare it another time when I get the chance! :)

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