Star Scavengers [004] Ewok Village

Star Scavengers is a podcast hosted by Aaron Goins and Johnamarie Macias covering all things LEGO Star Wars. Expect episode reviews of The Freemaker Adventures animated series, fun guests, informative interviews, and even some discussion on collecting.

The 4th episode includes:

  • Guest: While Johnamarie ran off to San Diego Comic Con, Aaron found a friend willing to help him record a new episode of Star Scavengers. Aaron and guest Teresa Delgado talked about their personal LEGO Star Wars collecting memories.
  • Toy Review: The two review the Ghost Microfighter set with Hera minifig.
  • Minifig Facts: The minifig focus in this episode is on Wicket.
  • Game Review: Aaron and Teresa review the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game.

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Download (right-click and save)

(via Star Scavengers)

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