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The Origin of the Blueberry

Space Married. Clyde, the Fifth Brother. Ezra, the Blueberry.

Fans tend to create very interesting nicknames and labels for characters in Star Wars Rebels. Some catch on faster than others, like space married, a term that’s often used to describe Hera and Kanan’s relationship. There’s also space family when referring to the Ghost crew as well as space mom (Hera) and space dad (Kanan).

Others make you scratch your head, like the name Clyde that Tumblr users assigned to the Fifth Brother. According to TV Tropes, the name came as a result of the Grand Inquisitor being called Inky for short. Both Inky and Clyde are the names of two of the Pac-Man ghosts (the other two are Blinky and Pinky). Although not as popular, the Seventh Sister has been called Bonnie, as a reference to Bonnie and Clyde. She was also known as Femquizzy by other fans, while the Grand Inquisitor was also nicknamed Quizzy.

The nickname that I use the most when referring to Ezra is Blueberry, but what is the origin of Ezra’s adorable fan name?

Like the others, the nickname originated from Tumblr, specifically on January 28, 2015, when creamsiclesdontaskquestions wrote the tag, “My little teetering on the dark side blueberry.”



I first saw the term being used in a post dated February 3, 2015, by Tumblr user flowers-for-the-devil (now known as flowers-for-the-sith). When discussing the origin of the blueberry nickname back in February 2015, flowers-for-the-sith originally wrote, “I believe I picked up the term from creamsiclesdontaskquestions…but yeah, I kind of adopted it.”

And so did the rest of the fan community!

The nickname also suited him because of his blue-ish hair and blue eyes. Additionally, fans made note of his height and how he was smaller compared to the others. As a result, the “tiny blueberry” or Padawan Blueberry had to be protected at all costs and things like “Protect the Blueberry” and “Blueberry Protection Squad” came about soon after.

Finally, ever since his brush with the dark side in season one and his recent dive into the Sith holocron, fans have taken to call Ezra the Blackberry. TWG contributor and artist Elisa Ardell even drew the image of a blueberry in the shadows of a blackberry to represent Ezra’s exposure to the dark side!

So if anyone ever asks why Ezra is called a blueberry, you can now give them a fully informed answer. Do you have any favorite nicknames for the Ghost crew? Share them in the comments below.

15 comments on “The Origin of the Blueberry

  1. Storm Skye

    Ezra Bridger is my blueberry.

  2. Sometimes, I call Sabine the “Mangolorian”..’cause you know, fruit. lol

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  4. I used to call the Seventh Sister “Buffy the Jedi Slayer” too. Some of my favorites for the Ghost crew are “Purple Kitty” for Zeb and “Murderbot” for Chopper. I’ve also seen people refer to Darth Maul as “the cockroach” because somehow he continues to survive everything.

    • Yes! Maul is definitely a roach to me, haha! I love how we give these characters all sorts of nicknames!

  5. Hahaha! Do you know I either smile or laugh out loud whenever I see you refer to Ezra as your little Blueberry? I think it’s so funny and adorable! I had NO idea that people were to starting to call him Blackberry. This is not ok :(

    • Aww, haha! I loooooove using that nickname for him! I know, it gives me feels when fans use blackberry. Here’s hoping he doesn’t fall completely down that path!

  6. I love reading posts about fandom history. This was great!

  7. I hadn’t heard those nicknames for the Inquistors till now. My husband and I call the Seventh Sister “Buffy the Jedi Slayer” for obvious reasons but that’s about it. ;-)

    That said, we do call Kanan and Hera “Space Dad” and “Space Mum”. And Ahsoka and Rex are “Space Aunt” and “Space Uncle”, though I guess we won’t be getting many more visits from Space Aunt in season 3…

    • Oh yes! Space Aunt and Space Uncle were used a lot. Here’s hoping we see Space Aunt at some point down the line!

  8. The name “Blackberry” I think came from spacewaffles07 in response to me posting about Ezra’s anger management issues…

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