New AT-AT Cardigan Sweater Coming Soon from Her Universe

Some of my favorite geeky sweaters come from Her Universe, so it’s exciting to see that a new AT-AT cardigan will be coming soon to the growing Star Wars collection.

Ashley Eckstein wore the sweater for a business meeting, and like most geek women out there, we love to incorporate geeky things at every opportunity, including at professional settings.

(Photo: Ashley Eckstein)

Two of the Star Wars cardigans currently available at Her Universe have 3/4 length sleeves, while the Symbol Pattern Cardigan comes with full sleeves. Given that this new sweater follows the same design placement as the High Commander and X-wing cardigans, the AT-AT sweater might also come with 3/4 length sleeves. Due to the angle of the photo, we can’t exactly tell. The sweater might also sell for the same price at $50.

Stay tuned to see when the cardigan will appear online for purchase.

Also, make sure to follow Her Universe on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

UPDATE, 10/27/2016: You can find the sweater over at BoxLunch. Thanks to Erica for sharing the information.

4 comments on “New AT-AT Cardigan Sweater Coming Soon from Her Universe

  1. I hadn’t seen an update, but this is on Box Lunch Gift’s website for purchase at $48.90.

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