‘Star Wars’ Fashion in Destination: Disney Style

Disney fashion is really heating up this year, and now, a new series will explore the new ways Disney is making waves in fashion! Destination: Disney Style celebrates all things Disney fashion and style around the globe.

“In this series, we’re exploring Disney fashion around the world. From Tokyo to Shanghai, London, New York, and LA, we’re finding out how fans infuse Disney into their style.”

The first episode featured Disney collaborations with Samantha Thavasa, a Japanese brand that also produced a Star Wars collection, some of which can be seen below.

Viewers were also introduced to the president of Grace Co., LTD., Katsumi Tsukagoshi, who wore a stylish Star Wars shirt, a jacket with a Star Wars print lining, a Luke Skywalker pin, and shoes that evoked a Darth Vader vibe. He also taught us the concept of CHARADINATE (Character Fashion Coordinate).


Jenn Fujikawa (@justJENN) attended the official Destination: Disney Style launch event in Los Angeles and she found some unique and beautiful Star Wars items on the display floor, including a sleeveless dress and skirt that featured a Queen Amidala print. Designed by Anrealage, the brand had also created a Star Wars collection late last year. The Amidala dress is also pictured with Darth Vader and C-3PO bags as well as Anrealage’s Star Wars ruffled dress.

The bags featured in the photo above were created by Chinese fashion brand, Rfactory. Some of them can be seen below:

Can’t wait to see more Star Wars and Disney fashion in this new series!

New episodes of Destination: Disney Style will appear every Tuesday on Disney Style’s YouTube channel and look out for bonus episodes later this week!

2 comments on “‘Star Wars’ Fashion in Destination: Disney Style

  1. Ohhh! I love being able to see Star Wars and Disney fashions from far away places! Thanks for this roundup! How cool to see Queen Amidala featured!

    • Definitely! Had fun putting this together. I love the Samantha Thavasa x Star Wars collection as well as the RFactory stuff, so I felt the need to do a roundup! I love that Amidala print. Too cool!

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