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Will Agent Kallus Ultimately Choose the Path Cut Lawquane Chose?

“What made me decide to leave the corps? Shortly after the Battle of Geonosis, our troop transport got caught between two Separatist gunships. They fired at us with everything they had. We crashed. Most of us were either dead or severely injured. So when they started working their way through the wounded, killing us off, I knew there was no hope. I ran. It still haunts me.”

—Cut Lawquane, “The Deserter”

“I remember my first unit. The boys and I were deployed to Onderon to bring peace and security to a troubled world. We were on a routine patrol and ran into one of your rebel friends, a Lasat mercenary who worked for Saw Gerrera. I was lucky, knocked out by the first blast. I came to, but found I couldn’t move. And then I saw him. The Lasat calmly walk through smoke and fire to finish my unit off one by one. The injured never had a chance. Always wondered why he let me live.”

—Agent Kallus, “The Honorable Ones”

Two characters shared similar traumatic events, and while one ran away, the other stayed and became more determined. Both Cut Lawquane and Agent Kallus come from military backgrounds and swore allegiances to their government. Cut, however, was born into his job and didn’t have a choice in the matter. On the other hand, Kallus chose his profession by attending the main Academy on Coruscant, leading him to become an agent of the Intelligence Security Bureau.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

When Cut’s troop transport was shot down, he not only experienced the fear of possibly dying in a crash land, but he also witnessed the deaths of his brothers as the survivors were killed off one by one. This forced him to revise and question his position in the war, and ultimately, flee from his post. When we’re introduced to Cut in “The Deserter” episode from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, we discover that he’s not a coward. In fact, he’s an honorable man with a sense of responsibility toward his family.

Even the fortune cookie for this episode stated, “It is the quest for honor that makes one honorable.” Captain Rex and Cut may not have shared the same quest for honor during the war or shared the same views, but Cut is still an honorable man for creating a quest of his own, especially one that leads him to protect the lives of his wife and children.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Several years later, Agent Kallus also experienced a near-death tragedy. He and “the boys” had fallen under heavy fire by rebel forces, and like Cut, he saw the survivors of his unit being shot one by one. Unlike Cut, however, Kallus stayed with the Empire and made it his sole purpose to hunt down rebels. Kallus believes himself to be a man of honor, but the organization he works for is far from honorable. He begins to see that in “The Honorable Ones” episode from Star Wars Rebels, where Zeb advises him to question the acts of the Empire and chase the answers.

Will Kallus ultimately choose the path that Cut chose? Will his quest for honor and desire to bring peace and security lead him to desert? Or will he find a new purpose for himself within the ranks of the Empire? Fans have speculated that Kallus is the new Fulcrum, but Steven Melching wrote on Twitter, “Unless we knew people were going to do that (the way they did with [Fulcrum] 1.0) and are messing with you.”

Freddie Prinze, Jr., had a bit more to say on the Fulcrum topic in an interview with Dash Star, “It’s not just a reveal this time, there’s an actual story line on that said character, so I think people will be very compelled by it.”

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2 comments on “Will Agent Kallus Ultimately Choose the Path Cut Lawquane Chose?

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  2. Interesting parallels between Cut and Kallus, great read!
    The episode “The Honorable Ones” completely changed the way I view Kallus. That episode shows he does indeed have a conscience and the idea of him facing off against Zeb or the Ghost Crew again seems unimaginable. I like the idea of Kallus being the new Fulcrum and if this is true could start his path towards redemption.

    I think Kallus will switch allegiances and join the rebellion eventually. As I believe he is the rebel general seen in the Rogue One trailers portrayed by Alistair Petrie, but I am certainly not the only person who believes in this theory. Personally, I think there are 5 key details that back up this claim:

    1. Similar Voices – The voice of the rebel general sounds awfully similar to that of David Oyelowo (who is the voice of Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels). I know that some British accents can be quite generic but there is something about the manner in which he reads out Jyn Erso’s rap sheet in the first trailer that clicked for me.

    2. Similar Physical Appearances – Side by side comparisons of the two reveal uncanny similarities, even without the trademark mutton chops and chestnut eyes. Though, Alistair Petrie does looks at least 15 years older than that of Kallus in Star Wars Rebels but I don’t think that should be a problem as we know with Forest Whitaker portraying Saw Gerrera and their differences.

    3. Shared History with Saw Gerrera – According to Pablo Hidalgo, Kallus and Saw have history. Pablo tweeted the following on 22/06/16 “Reminder that Saw plays an unseen role in Kallus’ backstory.” Therefore, it would make perfect sense for Kallus to be involved in Rogue One to continue their story.

    4. Alistair Petrie’s character has yet to be named – This makes me wonder if they are holding back for a big reveal or they will attempt to throw us off a little by giving Kallus only a first name, last name or nickname depending on whether Kallus is his nickname or part of his real name.

    5. Imperial Intel vital to the Rebellion – Perhaps a major part of the rebels’ success in stealing the Death Star Plans was down to inside knowledge of how the Empire operates. This makes Kallus’ potential appearance in Rogue One so relevant.

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