Bioworld x ‘Rogue One’ Fashion Products Coming Soon

Rogue One is only a few months away, and while many fans are excited about the book tie-ins and toys that will be released between now and December, I know plenty of fans who are just as excited about the Rogue One inspired fashion products—and now, we have an idea of what will be appearing on shelves later this fall.

The Movie and TV Store has a collection of officially licensed Bioworld x Rogue One products available for pre-order, ranging from wallets and caps to purses and backpacks. Although the images offer no details, a customer representative stated that the items will be revealed sometime in September. The product pages state the items will be due in December, and additionally, a separate website lists these accessories as coming out on November 30, 2016.

So what does the collection include? Products that will certainly make their way into my wardrobe, such as the:

Other products from The Movie and TV Store include:

Other products that will be available from Bioworld on November 30, 2016, according to AAA Anime:

So what are you looking forward to picking up the most? Share your response in the section below.

UPDATE: Some of these products are also available for pre-order over at

3 comments on “Bioworld x ‘Rogue One’ Fashion Products Coming Soon

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