UPDATED: Highlights from the ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Panel at Dragon Con 2016

Fans attended the Star Wars Rebels panel at Dragon Con 2016 to discuss and relive their favorite moments from the popular Disney XD animated series. The panelists included Bruce Gibson, Bria LaVorgna, Bethany Blanton, Nanci Schwartz, Tom Hutchens, and special guest Rebels series writer Henry Gilroy.

Here are some highlights from the panel, according to live tweets from The Star Wars Report and Tosche Station. Please note that these are summaries and not exact quotes:

  • According to Henry Gilroy, turning to the dark side is Anakin’s story. As a result, it was important for the creative team to find a story for Ezra that is both interesting and unique.
  • When talking about Ahsoka and Ezra, Gilroy stated that Ahsoka has a strong foundation of Jedi training. Ezra, on the other hand, doesn’t have that background, so it’s harder for him to walk the path of a Jedi.
  • Bria asked if Hera and Kanan are space married, a term that’s used to describe their close relationship. In response to that, Gilroy told fans that they should tune in next season.
  • Plans of bringing Thrawn into the mix went as far back as the beginning of the series. Since author Timothy Zahn had already created a great character, it was up to the creative team to bring Thrawn in as best they could.
  • The season two finale, “Twilight of the Apprentice”, received that title because Maul died in the original draft of Gilroy’s script.
  • Characters of the show appearing in future movies remains unknown, since Lucasfilm is locked up very tightly with all sorts of secrets, sort of like Area 51.
  • Season three, which premieres on September 24, 2016, takes place six months after the events in the second season.
  • In the season finale, we discovered that the Inquisitors were able to use their lightsabers to fly from one location to another. Gilroy stated that the reason is because Malachor is a strong hotspot for the Sith.
  • Fans are constantly wondering how far the series will go. According to Gilroy, the show can go on for as long as they have stories to tell.
  • Some have concerns that the series is progressing too quickly and that it’ll cause conflicts, but Gilroy’s confident that the show is progressing at a good pace and that stories can run alongside the films without causing issues.
  • Many fans noticed that the Inquisitors weren’t present in the season three trailer. The question of whether their story will be resolved came up, and Gilroy responded by saying that there’s a plan in place for them.
  • Years ago, George Lucas had told Henry Gilroy and Dave Filoni that Ahsoka needed to die. However, after much convincing, Filoni managed to save her from that fate and came up with something else for her story.
  • Timothy Zahn joined the panel and said that he’s been thrilled about having Thrawn appear in Rebels. He found out about the plans for the character in mid-November when Lucasfilm had invited him to meet with Dave Filoni for a two-hour meeting. Filoni showed him early clips of Thrawn, and afterwards, they discussed the upcoming novel.

Make sure to follow The Star Wars Report and Tosche Station for more Dragon Con 2016 updates.

UPDATE: You can now find audio of the panel over at Tosche Station.

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