Hangin’ with Team Kanan: Episode 18, Rebels and Rogues

Join HANGIN’ WITH TEAM KANAN’s Catrina Dennis, Jeremy Konrad, and Johnamarie Macias as they enthusiastically discuss the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels. Since Rebels is on break, we’re re-visiting Star Wars: The Clone Wars and other parts of the universe and mixing it in with Rebels discussion!

In this episode of HANGIN’ WITH TEAM KANAN, Catrina, Jeremy, and Johnamarie talk the Star Wars Rebels news that came out of Dragon Con and Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 this past weekend. The trio also sneak in some points of conversation related to Rogue One and one of its characters, Bodhi Rook. Plus, they share their favorite episode and scene from season two of Star Wars Rebels!

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At 38 MB, this episode is about 33 minutes long.

Download (right-click and save)

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