Geeky Bubble: Clone Wars – Bounty Hunters and Zillo Beasts

Johnamarie and Maria discuss the following Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes from season two: “Cat and Mouse,” “Bounty Hunters,” “The Zillo Beast,” and “The Zillo Beast Strikes Back.” Topics of discussion include Anakin’s remarkable ability to come up with plans on the spot, the return of Hondo Ohnaka and his greedy personality, the unique group of bounty hunters that were hired to help the Felucians, the treatment toward the Zillo beast, and the nature of zoos and our take on them.

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1 comment on “Geeky Bubble: Clone Wars – Bounty Hunters and Zillo Beasts

  1. I love this series! Thank you for making it! Listening to your thoughts and remarks always inspires me to watch the episodes again!

    Cat and Mouse is a fun episode, especially with the Clone Troopers operating in a ‘U-Boat’ / Submarine type of environment. Good call on the ‘parallel story’ lines. I love that Christophsis is a location that comes up again and again in the series (especially since the original theatrical release introduced us to it). Trench is such a great villain, I’m glad he returned later in the series (spoilers!). What stands out most to me in a review is that this episode is where Wullf Yularen and Anakin Skywalker form a relationship. Don’t forget this episode is (chronologically) the first episode of the entire Clone Wars series!

    Bounty Hunters is one of my favorite episodes of Season 2! All the homages to the classic film Seven Samurai really get me. Embo’s introduction obviously changed everything forever, to say nothing of the fact that he’s like Dave Filoni’s character. Though the rest of the Hunters are really interesting on their own as well and have great character beats along the way. Rumi Paramita is the name of the female Hunter who is killed … I guess *someone* had to go.

    The Zillo Beast episodes are cool and beautiful. There are a lot of moral questions in the first episode which are interesting to consider as we see the Jedi Code butting up against ‘needs’ of the War Machine the Republic has become, personified in Palpatine. I do really love the idea of ancient Dug society scurrying around like insects when lots of Zillo Beasts roamed the planet and, further to that, the old documents and strategies the Dugs reference. The moral question of ‘should we do this?’ is connected to the idea of ‘by what method does one achieve success / victory?’. I really want to shout out the sound design in these episodes… it is so good!

    Looking forward to your Season 2 finale!

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