New Her Universe ‘Star Wars’ Fashion Coming To Disney Parks

It’s always exciting when Her Universe announces new arrivals are on the way. The latest Star Wars fashion update comes from a interview by Catrina Dennis (a co-host on Hangin’ with Team Kanan). In it, Ashley talked about the start of Her Universe, the LEGO Ahsoka Tano dress she wore at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, and the following Her Universe products coming exclusively to the Disney Parks.

(Photo: Preston Mack)

Ewok Cardigan and Timeline Skirt

Her Universe is the only company that sells Star Wars cardigans, and being that I use sweaters often in professional settings as well as in casual situations, I’m always excited to see a new addition to the collection. It’s even more exciting to know that this particular cardigan features Ewoks! The AT-AT cardigan will also be arriving soon, so I wonder what other embroidered designs we’ll see in the future. Personally, it’d be great have a Star Wars Rebels Starbird cardigan. Each sweater, so far, has depicted a film: X-wing (A New Hope), AT-AT (The Empire Strikes Back), and Ewoks (Return of the Jedi). So here’s hoping Her Universe branches out to other iconic elements from the Star Wars universe.

The Timeline Skirt is a thing of beauty! The design along the hem was designed by Ashley Taylor, a freelance artist known for her Disney art, and I’m so glad Her Universe continues to collaborate with Taylor and incorporate her unique style into the garments. I’m not the type of person to often wear skirts, but if it’s beautifully designed, then I definitely want to get my hands on it.

(Photo: Preston Mack)

We’ve already seen plenty of officially licensed Rogue One shirts from a variety of retailers, but it’s even more exciting to see Rogue One fashion from Her Universe. This black dress features a “plans of the Death Star” print, and although it is something I would wear, I would love to see a tank/swing dress similar to the colorful Boba Fett tank dress that’s currently available at the Disney Parks, and this tank dress would feature a sublimated image of the Rogue One poster on Scarif. Here’s hoping we see something like that down the line!

(Photo: Preston Mack)

In addition to the dress, Her Universe will be releasing a Rogue One top with a galactic print and Rebel Alliance symbol. The shirt is beautiful, but it also got me thinking about the Rogue One symbol that’s been floating since earlier this year. It first appeared on crew bags, and I recently saw them on crew bracelets, but the symbol has yet to be used on official merchandise. That said, this shirt would have been an instant buy for me had it used this particular symbol. Maybe we’ll see it on future Her Universe products? We’ll have to wait and see.

During the interview, Ashley Eckstein also teased more mysterious products, “Right now, we’re working on two brand new additions for Rogue One for our Disney Parks collection. One of them is a beautiful new dress, and there’s a fashion top as well.”

That said, here’s hoping other Rogue One fashion will be included at, ThinkGeek, and other online shops, especially since this collection at the Disney Parks is not accessible to a high percentage of customers. I’m also hoping that we’ll see some of these products pop up in the Shop Disney Parks mobile app.

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