Review: Loungefly’s R2-D2 Comic Tote

There’s one Loungefly product that all Star Wars fans need to add to their personal collections, and that’s the R2-D2 comic tote. To start off, this bag is gorgeous. The bright pinks and purples work so well with the vintage comic art and look so vibrant against the traditional white and blue color scheme of R2-D2. The moment I saw the photo of this tote in February’s WWDMAGIC earlier this year, I knew right away that this was the bag for me.

Most of the time, Star Wars accessories tend to stick to the color palette of the character, so when this R2-D2 comic tote appeared with such warm colors that aren’t often associated with him, it reconfirmed to me the fact that Loungefly isn’t just slapping the Star Wars logo on bags that we’ve seen over and over. They are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to push the envelope when it comes to women’s geek fashion accessories.

That said, I was curious about the thoughts that went into creating the tote and what motivated Loungefly to choose such bold colors for a character that is traditionally white and blue.

“The motivation behind the bold colors was that for years, Star Wars merchandise has been primarily boy/young men focused,” said the art director at Loungefly via email correspondence. “Even over the years as juniors/women’s accessories have been in the market, they never seemed very colorful or focused on women’s trends. We re-colored this and did the bright pink and hints of teal/turquoise to give it a more feminine, on-trend twist. We chose this particular art, because we love R2, and thought this frame with addition of his sounds typed out worked great.”

Again, this is why I adore Loungefly. Their attention to detail and knowledge of current trends make it very exciting to be a Star Wars fangirl because they know what fans want to see.

What are some other details you should know about this bag?

  • Like so many of their other products, this is a faux leather tote bag that measures 11.5 inches in width, 15.5 inches in height, and 5 inches in depth. That’s plenty of room to hold your laptop, tablet, lunch, and other personal essentials.
  • There’s an 11-inch handle drop. This is important to me because I don’t want to feel like the bag is strangling my shoulder. There’s plenty of room for your arm to move around. Also, the handles and the base are black, so I would recommend wearing a black top to not clash with the tote’s various colors.
  •  If you thought Loungefly would give you a plain black inner lining, then think again! The inner textile lining has an equally vibrant turquoise and fuchsia “R2-D2” print, giving you another refreshing pop of color that complements the outer design superbly.
  • As mentioned before, there’s a lot of room inside for personal belongings. There’s also two inner pockets for additional storage. To secure everything, there’s a magnetic snap closure. Personally, I always prefer to have a zipper on my bags, but I overlooked it because of the amazing design and attention to detail.
  • Speaking of detail, the front of the tote has the classic Loungefly x Star Wars logo plaque, but what I love most about this one is that it comes in a pink enamel that matches the bag’s predominant colors.

Do you already own this tote? If so, share your thoughts of it in the comments below. If you’re looking to purchase it, it’s currently available at Loungefly for $65.










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