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The Ghost Crew Retrieve an Ancestral Artifact in “Hera’s Heroes”

“Check out the first episode of Star Wars Rebels I was privileged to write,” wrote Nicole Dubuc (Transformers Prime, Young Justice, Miles from Tomorrowland) on Twitter. Although there is an amazing group of women involved in the creative process behind the scenes, “Hera’s Heroes” is the first Rebels episode written by a woman!

Speaking of the next all-new episode, it features a return to the Twi’lek planet, Ryloth. Hera’s rebel supply mission to her homeworld becomes personal when she and the rest of her crew go up against Imperial forces in order to recover an ancestral memento.

It’s great that we’re going back to Hera’s home planet, where the Imperial presence is still a menace to Cham Syndulla and his Freedom Fighters. The last time I remember seeing Ryloth was in the novel Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp. That novel explored various terrains on Ryloth, so it’ll be fascinating to see some of those landscapes again in the Star Wars Rebels style. It’s also cool that Scout Troopers will be making their first appearance in the series!

What’s even cooler is that Ezra goes undercover as a Scout Trooper! (I need that disguise as a Hasbro action figure, by the way!) Hera and Ezra infiltrate her father’s old office to take back an artifact, the Kalikori, that is of great significance to her and her people. As a fan of ancient artifacts, I’m really excited to find out why this item is so important to Hera and what purpose it serves.

Unfortunately for Ezra and Hera, they get caught by Grand Admiral Thrawn, of all people. We also get to hear Hera’s original accent! I do have to admit, however, it’s a shame that Hera didn’t go in disguise as well. Granted, it looks like she was supposed to stay in the shadows, but a disguise would have made the “servant” comment more believable. The fact that she’s wearing a pilot’s suit that the Imperials don’t pick up on right away makes them seem thicker than ever!

Thrawn really knows how to get underneath people’s skin and pick them apart. Despite doing that to our fearless leader, he did get something right about Hera and that’s the fact that war is really the only thing she’s ever known. She lived through the Clone War and continued to fight over the years. Unlike the Imperials, though, she’s not a warmonger and her goals are to achieve justice and peace. Is that something she’ll see come to pass? What will happen to her now that she’s being held captive by Thrawn? We’ll have to wait and find out!

“Hera’s Heroes” airs Saturday, October 15, at 8:30PM EST on Disney XD.

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