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The Recap Holocron: “The Last Battle”

Welcome to The Recap Holocron, a mystical device that will provide a breakdown of each Star Wars Rebels episode moving forward. Your Presence in this Holocron is Elisa Ardell, who will also be providing personal thoughts and theories along the way…


In last week’s episode of “The Last Battle”, Kanan, Ezra, Rex, Zeb, and Chopper went on a mission to retrieve weapons, ammo and whatever else they could find on what remains of a crashed Separatist transport that is not as abandoned as it first seems.

After being dropped off and left behind by the Ghost, Rex leads the team to the ship, giving a bit of a history lesson as he goes. He struggles, though, having called Kanan “Sir” and “General”. Rex also snaps at Ezra after he says battle droids don’t look that dangerous. It is then that Kanan says the full quote we briefly heard from the season three trailer, “Rex has been through a lot. Battles leave scars, some you can’t see.” Now knowing that he was talking about Rex all along, it feels all the more painful.

After finding what they’re looking for, the group is quickly captured in a ray shield and subsequently called Republic invaders after the droids have introduced themselves as being part of the Separatist Alliance. Once being knocked out by a stunner, they’re dragged off to the commander center. Upon waking up, Rex sees a droid not only from the Clone Wars still giving orders, but it makes him think the war is not yet over. With the imaginary sounds of weapons and explosions sounding mutely in the background, Rex calls out for Cody while we hear Kanan trying to get Rex’s attention back on the present.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

The leader of the droids, a super tactical droid named Kalani, has a simple goal: to have a final battle to prove that he can win the war that he was so sure they should have won in the first place. Keeping Zeb as a hostage, the terms of the battle are simple. Once back outside, Kanan, Ezra, and Rex must battle their way back to the command tower and capture it to save their friend.

During all of this, Chopper, who had left the main group early on to explore on his own, finds a shuttle that he can get working well enough to send a distress message back to the Ghost.  The message, however, is intercepted before it can reach its destination, which would have been to Hera who is having her own mission with Sabine and who’s busy escaping TIE fighters after stealing fuel for the fleet. With the message in hand, Pryce deploys the nearest Imperial outpost to Agamar immediately.

With their “last battle” starting, Rex is the one in charge, while Kanan relays information to Ezra, who is quite lost with fighting in this kind of situation and enemy. For his part, Ezra tries his best. Though, when Chopper grabs and leads him away to show him the shuttle he’d found, it distracts Ezra from his priority of moving the crane. He uses up valuable time, and even though he’s successful in doing what he’d set out to do, Rex still snaps at him for having not done it faster. Once again, Kanan is there for Ezra after Rex’s harsh words, telling him it’s not him and that Rex needs to finish this battle in his own way.

Making it to the command center in one piece, Rex declares himself the winner, while Kalani tries to pull a quick one to say that they have not, using one of the droids to aim a weapon at Zeb. Ezra is the one who steps in, saying that they did not win, and that had the droids not been so old, they would have been goners. Kalani likes this line of reasoning and quickly agrees, saying that technically the droid army would have won. Ezra is quick to add that that is not correct. Voicing his thoughts, he puts together that the Jedi were wiped out, the clones were decommissioned, and the droid army was shut down. The clone war ended, but why? And if none of them had won, then who did.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Zeb responds with the answer—the Empire—and it is then that the Imperials arrive to Agamar.  Much to Rex’s immediate dislike, Ezra manages to bring Kalani on board to help them fight the Imperials. Together they form a plan, one that involves rolling munitions towards the feet of the AT-AT walkers, and then, having battle droids shoot at Kanan and Ezra so they can deflect the shots to blow them up. Rex is right when he says that this takes trust to a whole new level. Though many droids are lost, two of the three shuttles manage to escape. Kalani goes his own way, saying that the likelihood of the Rebellion winning against the Empire is too low for him to stay. Hera and Sabine are there to pick up Kanan and the others, who informs them that they have a new Phantom that needs a new paint job, before both ships jump into hyperspace.

Things I liked:

  • I liked how Ezra was able to be on the outside of this whole situation. Due to his age, and his curiosity, he was able to ask questions that let him put things together that nobody else has been able to.
  • I also enjoyed seeing Kanan and Ezra doing with Rex what he so often had done with Anakin and Ahsoka. Ezra’s knowledge of battle is so outside of what they had to deal with during the Clone Wars, so it was interesting seeing him getting a small taste of it.
  • I love the B1 Battle Droids, and considering the theme of this episode and it being a goodbye in a way, I’m happy I got to see them one last time.

Final Thoughts:

  • This episode was a love letter, and in a way, a sending off to a new era in Star Wars. With Ezra living up to his name, he brought together two different sides of the Clone Wars and let them see that they were never meant to win. No longer are Rex and Kalani still fighting a war that ended suddenly without a true victor. They have been allowed to move on and find new purpose in what they do.
  • Anyone who follows me on twitter would have seen already that I am heartbroken over how Ezra did not befriend a droid and name him Clanky. This could have been an adorable play off of Rex mentioning that they used to call them clankers. Saying that, it would have destroyed me had Ezra’s friend then ended up shot and destroyed. So maybe it’s for the best.
  • It would be wrong of me to not mention how amazing it was to see the Rebels title screen done in the style of The Clone Wars, and the remixed music gave me chills and an emotional thrill I had not at all been prepared for.

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