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Sabine, Ezra, and Fenn Rau Travel Back to Concord Dawn in “Imperial Supercommandos”

Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy) returns as Fenn Rau in the next all-new episode of Star Wars Rebels. We last saw the leader of the Protectors of Concord Dawn being taken as a prisoner by the rebels.

Since then, the Protectors have given the rebels safe passage through Concord Dawn’s space, but after losing contact with them, Sabine, Ezra and the captured leader investigate the situation only to find that the base has been taken over by Imperial Mandalorians, as seen in this clip from Rebels Recon.

I don’t know about you, but I felt sorry for Fenn as he stood over and watched the remains of the outpost where his fellow Mandalorians had been stationed. He’s been a prisoner this entire time, and everyone he knew there is either dead or made a prisoner of the Empire. We don’t know much about him, but given that he showed no resistance to Ezra and Sabine as they approached him, it’s safe to assume that he’s lost everything. Will that bring him closer to the Rebellion? Or push him farther away from joining their cause?

As a longtime shipper, I naturally have to ship characters, and for me, my eyes are on Sabine and Ezra! I get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the idea of Sabine finally finding something interesting in Ezra excites me. Then again, it’d be great to see them continue to build a strong friendship because not every male and female character have to end up together. Either way, I’ll be happy! All that said, it’s great to see Sabine show that she cares for Ezra in some way, lingering behind and wanting to help him. With the exception of his birthday gift in season one, she’s always been indifferent toward him, so seeing this side of her proves that she’s grown to accept Ezra as not just a member of her crew but as a friend.

Gar Saxon finally makes an appearance outside of the Son of Dathomir comic book series, which was based on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars scripts. As a fan of HBO’s Rome (a series that also starred Kevin McKidd), it makes me happy to know that the character is voiced by Ray Stevenson! It’ll be great to hear them together again, even though they’ll be on opposite sides.

Sabine’s mother. Sabine’s mother! Finally, we’re getting closer and closer to discovering her identity. That said, I don’t think we’ll be finding out those details in this episode. If I’m wrong, though, I’ll be ecstatic. I’m still a big fan of the Rook Kast theory, since she was also in the Son of Dathomir comics and Sabine bears a strong resemblance to her. Some fans also want to see Bo-Katan pop up in this episode. I don’t think that’ll happen, either, even though Katee Sackhoff mentioned that she recorded lines for the series.

“Some things might be very far off,” said Dave Filoni in a interview regarding the Bo-Katan rumors. “More far off than the fans realize, or than even the actors portraying them.”

Personally, I really hope we see Sabine’s mother play a bigger role. I am desperate for a mother-daughter relationship to play out on screen, as mentioned in this recent post.

This clip was officially shown during the Star Wars Rebels season three panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe. Thankfully, this version from Disney XD is longer with some additional content at the end! Again, I really appreciate the fact that we’re seeing Ezra and Sabine working together, but also, keep in mind that they both represent two different things that have been on opposite ends of the spectrum for a very long time: Jedi and Mandalorian. They are the future, working together for the greater good.

Seeing them together also takes me back to what Dave Filoni had mentioned in a past press conference: “We’re working very far ahead in the show, and as the characters have evolved, I would argue that where we end up in the future on Rebels, Sabine kind of elevates and is every bit as important as Ezra as far as what you think of as dynamically moving the show about and where [it goes] because they’re both kind of the young people dealing with this war. And it just became more and more important to have them elevated and have the mentor characters [be] supportive.”

Sabine playing a Mandalorian game with Fenn is perfect! It makes sense that she would take the time to visit Fenn because even though he did what he did to Hera and those other A-wing pilots, he’s still Mandalorian and someone with who she can identify. He’s also very essential in bringing other Mandalorians to the Rebellion’s cause. Fenn tells her that his only true loyalty is to Mandalore, but given the Empire’s hold on his homeworld and the Rebellion’s desire to rid the Empire, he’s going to have to partner up with the rebels even more in order to get back the true Mandalore of which he speaks. Hopefully, Sabine will help him see that.

“Imperial Supercommandos” airs Saturday, November 5, at 8:30PM EST on Disney XD.

2 comments on “Sabine, Ezra, and Fenn Rau Travel Back to Concord Dawn in “Imperial Supercommandos”

  1. Jon Hodges

    I think 3rd season is the perfect time for Ezra and Sabine to realize they need each other, that they can finally be emotionally mature together. :)

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