Journalist Amanda Hess Takes a Closer Look at the ‘Star Wars’ Female Fanbase

In late October, the hosts of Fangirls Going Rogue (Tricia Barr, Teresa Delgado, and Sarah Woloski) spoke to Amanda Hess, a journalist from The New York Times, about the growing Star Wars fan community and its female fanbase. Hess published her article soon after, giving us a closer look at how female fans have made Star Wars their own.

One of the topics the article briefly touches on—the relationships between mothers and daughters—is something that I recently wrote about and that many other fans would like to see addressed more often in the future of Star Wars storytelling.

On Twitter, Johnamarie Macias, the proprietor of the popular “Star Wars” site “The Wookiee Gunner,” lamented that the franchise remained stuck on its daddy issues instead of exploring a mother-daughter dynamic. “Super happy that Jyn is the lead,” she wrote, but added: “Why does the father have to be the scientist? GAH!” And on the podcast “Fangirls Going Rogue,” the three hosts discussed the role of Jyn’s mother with guarded enthusiasm. “Mothers tend to get erased, or they’re there to die,” the co-host Tricia Barr said. “Hopefully we’re not continuing that trend.”

Female-led podcasts were also mentioned throughout the article, including TWG’s Rebels Chat. I first started the podcast as a way to spend more time with my mother and talk about something we both enjoy. I feel like I’ve grown closer to her and that she understands me more because of it, so it’d be great to see Lucasfilm include such bonds throughout their stories.

In recent years, a whole world of chatty podcasts, metacriticism, and fan art and fiction has cropped up to satisfy that need. “Fangirls Going Rogue” has done much to elevate the work of female writers and actors at Lucasfilm. It’s part of a podcast sorority that includes “Scavengers Hoard,” “Rebel Grrrl,” “Lattes With Leia” and “Rebels Chat,” on which Ms. Macias and her mother, Maria, discuss the Disney XD animated series “Star Wars Rebels.”

Many thanks to the hosts of Fangirls Going Rogue for mentioning The Wookiee Gunner and our mother-daughter podcast as well as Amanda Hess for including us.

Find the entire article here and the print edition, entitled “The Force Is With Her. And Her. And…” on newsstands on Sunday, November 6.

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