Po-Zu to Launch a ‘Star Wars’ Footwear Collection

Ethical shoe brand Po-Zu is the latest to join the ranks that contain Irregular Choice, Skechers, Vans, and other popular footwear brands that have collaborated with Lucasfilm to produce Star Wars inspired shoes. Po-Zu is no stranger to Star Wars, however, since their Piper V Dark Brown boot was used by Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The brand is also no stranger to collaborations, having worked with Timberland back in 2011.

Unlike Star Wars inspired footwear in the past, the STAR WARS™/PO-ZU Cobrand collection promises replicas of shoes worn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as stated in the Po-Zu blog.

Prepare to step into Star Wars: The Force Awakens galactic ride, wearing boots and sneakers from the first STAR WARS™ / PO-ZU collection. We are thrilled to present our official replicas of the footwear worn in the film by some of the main characters (under licence with Lucasfilm/Disney) alongside our Star Wars™-inspired models teeming with droids and spaceships.

Since the collection is focused on this particular film, we could see replicas of Finn, Kylo Ren, Leia Organa, and even Luke Skywalker. As for the Star Wars inspired models that will come with droids and ships, these could be the part of the collection that will be aimed for children.

star-wars-po-zu-cobrand-ffanyAccording to the FFANY Shoe Show, where the brand will debut the collection for wholesale on November 30, Po-Zu is listed under the categories for men, women, and children’s footwear. If that’s the case, it’ll be exciting to see a wide range of shoes for the entire family.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Po-Zu to bring high quality, ethically and sustainably-made shoes and boots to a wider market,” Sven Segal, the founder of Po-Zu, stated in the official press release. “Star Wars is an amazing brand and an enduring franchise.”

Those who own Po-Zu shoes wholeheartedly agree that the eco-conscious brand produces comfortable and well-made footwear.

One customer wrote, “I bought these shoes for use with my Rey cosplay. But I was so pleased with them that I wear them all the time! I usually require inserts in my shoes to combat foot pain, but they are not needed at all with these shoes. What started as a cosplay purchase might become a lifelong commitment to this brand.”

The collection will be made available to the public in August 2017, but here’s hoping we see a preview of the collection at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.

Other footwear brands that have previously collaborated with Lucasfilm and will be present at the FFANY Shoe Show include Leomil, Skechers, and Crocs.

Follow along at #ffanyshoeshow for footwear related updates as well as Po-Zu on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to catch glimpses of the Po-Zu collection.

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