Geek Meets Vintage: Her Universe and ModCloth are the Perfect Fit

Her Universe has had quite the year what with the debut of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens fashion collection in April, the partnership with Kohl’s and the release of the Marvel activewear collection, the premiere of the Her Universe Fashion Show docu-series followed by the Fashion Show itself at San Diego Comic-Con later that summer, the Hot Topic acquisition in October, and the debut of the new Star Trek collection at ThinkGeek.

The fangirl fashion company shows no signs of stopping its momentum, especially given its recent partnership with ModCloth.

TWG reached out to ModCloth and we were met with much enthusiasm regarding the relationship, “The brand has a great story—the founder was a voice actress in the Star Wars animated series, so this really connects with the fans and feels more genuine. Plus, the [products are] CUTE, nice quality, and very unique to the marketplace. We love promoting indie designers/brands, so this felt like a great fit.”

“[Susan Kroger] really was an inspiration to me,” said Ashley Eckstein in an interview with Galactic Fashion, Susan Kroger being the co-founder of ModCloth. “I became a fan of theirs pretty early on in the beginning of their company. So we agreed to meet up, and I went into their offices for a meeting … but really it became a thing of ‘Hey, we’re fans of each other, let’s find a way to work together,’ and so it’s starting out small with just these couple of items, but I certainly hope to be able to do more with them.”

Some of the first items to show up at ModCloth include the Lightsaber skirt as well as two familiar and popular designs that originally debuted as pin-up dresses.

“We took our Hoth dress and our Cloud City dress, which I know so many fangirls couldn’t wear because it didn’t have a stretch material and it only fits certain body types. We just took that art and we turned them into skirts, so now, it will fit a variety of fangirls because we felt that those were great designs, but we weren’t able service everyone. And ModCloth loved the designs, so I’m very excited to bring the designs back but as skirts.”

And without a doubt, fans are just as excited! In reference to the Lightsaber skirt, one customer wrote, “Besides the fact that this is a geek-tastic skirt, you can wear nearly any color of tights with it! When I wore this at work I received so many comments and compliments! I know what I’ll be wearing to the new Star Wars movie release!”

Scroll down and take a gander at the new skirts currently available at ModCloth, and while you’re there, you might want to think about getting the entire look!

Find the complete interview with Ashley Eckstein in the latest episode of Galactic Fashion over at the Jedi News Network.


Make a Knight of It A-Line Skirt, $74.99

Go home early? No way—the evening is already a total blast from donning this black skirt by Her Universe for an evening out with your pals! Adorned with red, purple, green, and blue lightsabers that fan out from its gathered waist, this lined midi proves that the evening will continue in full-Force.

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Drop It Like It’s Hoth A-Line Skirt, $74.99

As a down-to-earth fashionista with a strong sense of quirk, you totally see this A-line skirt by Her Universe as a part of your upcoming outfits. Snowspeeders and AT-AT’s duke it out on the blue and white background of this ice planet skirt, making for an amazingly offbeat look everyone will want to echo!

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Let’s Go for a Bespin A-Line Skirt, $74.99

You don’t need to have a destination in mind to rock this A-line skirt by Her Universe! Patterned with a serene landscape of a city in the clouds—and a very familiar Corellian freighter—this quirky, colorful skirt will keep you stylish no matter where the road takes you.

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To keep up with the latest updates and developments, make sure to follow Her Universe on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and ModCloth on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Have thoughts regarding the Her Universe and ModCloth partnership? Share them in the comments section below.

2 comments on “Geek Meets Vintage: Her Universe and ModCloth are the Perfect Fit

  1. The designs are great and I think are much more versatile as skirts! The Lightsaber skirt appears to be shorter than the original, which is good to note for anyone curious if it was the exact same skirt (which is, I believe, still available via ThinkGeek).

    • Yeah, it appears that way, and I believe I made a note of it in the podcast episode that has the full Her Universe interview. I can’t exactly remember right now. Can’t wait to see what else might be coming our way!

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