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Kanan and Ezra Infiltrate an Imperial Factory in “An Inside Man”

The Ghost crew head back to Lothal in the next all-new episode of Star Wars Rebels.

It’s up to Ezra and Kanan to infiltrate an Imperial factory, where they seek information on a new Imperial weapon. Grand Admiral Thrawn, on the other hand, continues to study the rebels and gradually puts his plan into motion. Meanwhile, at the facility, Master and Padawan make an unlikely ally in order to escape, but will this “inside man” escape with them?

It really is great to have the team back on Lothal (which we haven’t seen since “Shroud of Darkness” in season two)! I know fans were desperate for the Ghost crew to branch out and leave the planet behind early on in the series, but Lothal is where the story kicked off and it feels great to be back on familiar territory. Ezra and Kanan head inside as a way to gather more information about an Imperial weapon. Words like that conjure up images of the Death Star, but the Empire could be working on other dangerous weaponry.

Ryder Azadi (voiced by Clancy Brown) also returns. The last time we saw him was in “A Princes on Lothal,” which took place after the death of Ezra’s parents. I originally thought that he was going to be the crew’s “inside man,” but it appears someone else will pick up that role. I also look forward to seeing what sort of resistance he’s built to fight back against the Empire.

Agent Kallus! Will he be the “inside man” who helps the rebels? Many fans would love to see Kallus switch sides, especially given the understanding that happened between him and Zeb in “The Honorable Ones” and how he let Sabine go in “The Antilles Extraction.” Is it too predictable? Maybe, but I’ve always found gratifying the idea of an Imperial-turning-rebel. Now, we have to keep in mind that Thrawn has been testing the competency of his fellow Imperial agents and officers. Is he doing the same thing to Kallus and Governor Pryce? Does he suspect that there’s a turncoat in their midst?

Also, it’s genius how he’s been hitting the main homeworlds connected to the Ghost crew: Ryloth, Mykapo, and now, Lothal. He’s putting the pieces of the puzzle together and every step of the way has been fascinating through and through.

In addition to Ryder Azadi, we also see the return of Morad Sumar, the old farmer from “Fighter Flight” who was a friend of Ezra Bridger’s parents. It breaks my heart to see the good people of Lothal being forced to abandon their ways of life and subjected to work in factories that churn out Imperial resources. Will Sumar be spared of the horrible fate that Thrawn assigned to him? Or will the factory lockdown save him just in time?

“An Inside Man” airs Saturday, December 3, at 8:30PM EST on Disney XD.

2 comments on “Kanan and Ezra Infiltrate an Imperial Factory in “An Inside Man”

  1. Jon Hodges

    Thrawn is quite brutal here!

    • He really is! I’m worried about what’s going to happen to our Ghost crew once Thrawn catches them.

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