Geeky Bubble: Rebels Chat – An Inside Man

In their recap of “An Inside Man,” Johnamarie and Maria discuss Kanan’s ability to see with the Force, Mr. Sumar’s plan of sabotaging Imperial equipment, the collaboration between other rebel cells, Thrawn’s ruthlessness and calculated approach toward the rebels, and Kallus’ reveal as Fulcrum and his internal struggle.

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2 comments on “Geeky Bubble: Rebels Chat – An Inside Man

  1. Fun sow as always :)

    It just occurred to me, hearing you mention these new shielded Imperial fighters – is this going to be the event that spurs the rebellion into finding their own shielded fighters – ie, is this going to give us the origin of the Rebellion’s X-Wings? The Ghost crew have already supplied some Y-Wings and a B-Wing prototype, it’d be pretty cool if they were responsible for the Rebellion having their most iconic fighter as well :)

    • That would be fascinating to see on the show! I know people are constantly looking to see how Rebels makes an impact on the grander scheme of things, and fitting in the origin of the X-wings would definitely be one of those ways. Here’s hoping we see that happen!

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