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Ezra is Haunted by Visions of Maul in “Visions and Voices”

We’re down to the last Star Wars Rebels episode of 2016! We kicked off the season with the introduction of Thrawn, and while he’s been slowly studying the rebels and calculating the best way to lay a final blow, the Ghost crew has had a series of missions that brought new members to the growing Rebellion and the weaponry needed to fight back against the Empire’s forces.

In “Visions and Voices,” Ezra isn’t having visions of sugar-plums dancing in his head. (It is the holidays, after all!) Instead, he’s being haunted by Maul, who’s looking to unlock a secret by the use of old magick. As a result, Ezra has no choice but to journey across the galaxy to a planet he’s never visited before and participate in a strange ritual to sever the connection he shares with Maul once and for all, but what other horrors will be unleashed in the process?

As Hera lays out the plan to attack (what I assume to be) Lothal’s Imperial factory, Ezra keeps seeing Maul pop up in the background. He’s caught off guard, especially because the last time he saw Maul, the former Sith had escaped in “Holocrons of Fate.”

It makes sense that he and Maul have formed some sort of bond, however, why is this connection to Maul suddenly making its appearance? Personally, I think it would have been more effective for Ezra to have seen glimpses of Maul in past episodes. Not only to help sell the idea that Ezra is deeply affected by this individual, but also, to inform the audience that the last episode of the year will ultimately have Ezra face him once again.

Dathomir! I last remember seeing this planet in the novel Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. It was a place that helped Quinlan Vos reach a different connection with the Force. <SPOILER> It’s also the resting place of Asajj Ventress, where she was accepted into the afterlife with her other sisters. </SPOILER> The planet is infused with mystical forces and the Nightsisters’ magick isn’t child’s play, so whatever Maul is planning is something that will inevitably have a lasting impact on Ezra, Kanan, and even Sabine.

Maul, whether he likes to admit it or not, is a hoarder! He has various objects from his past, including a painting of Satine Kryze, the former ruler of Mandalore. There are also helmets of Mandalorian super commandos, soldiers who were once loyal to Maul’s Shadow Collective. Finally, there’s the darksaber! Ever since it showed up in the season three trailer, I’ve been patiently waiting for its appearance.

It’s interesting how Maul said, “If your Mandalorian friend was here, she could explain it to you.” What makes me sad and disappointed about this statement is that it shows that Sabine and Ezra haven’t been talking about Maul and his place in Mandalore’s history. These two teenagers are part of the future of the Rebellion, so it would great to see them start to rely on each other more.

Lastly, will Maul survive the events in this episode? Will he continue to seek what he saw in “Holocrons of Fate”? Will Ezra learn to avoid characters like him in the future? Hopefully, some of these questions will be answered.

“Visions and Voices” airs tonight, Saturday, December 10, at 8:30PM EST on Disney XD.

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