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Descriptions for ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Episodes 312-315

At the start of the new year, Star Wars Rebels fans will be traveling back to Geonosis with a familiar character from both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Saw Gerrera, but what sort of adventures await for us after the mid-season premiere?

Episode 312: “Ghosts of Geonosis: Part 1”
Air date: January 7, 2017

The crew returns to Geonosis in search of a missing rebel team sent to investigate suspicious activity there and are surprised by what they find.

Episode 313: “Ghosts of Geonosis: Part 2”
Air date: January 7, 2017

After finding a missing rebel team member, the Ghost crew discovers another surprise on Geonosis and work to conceal it from Imperial Forces.

Episode 314: “Warhead”
Air date: January 14, 2017

Zeb and Chopper bring a damaged droid found in the Atollon wilderness back to base, only to discover that the droid is a new Imperial probe programmed to spy on and destroy rebels.

Episode 315: “Trials of the Darksaber”
Air date: January 21, 2017

To help recruit her people to join the rebels, Sabine reluctantly agrees to learn to wield an ancient Mandalorian weapon but finds the challenge more difficult than expected.


We’re looking forward to the mayhem that will inevitably ensue as a result of Zeb and Chopper’s decision to bring a foreign droid back to the rebel base as well as exploring Sabine’s reluctant nature toward the darksaber. Have any thoughts? Share them in the comments section below.

Star Wars Rebels returns on Saturday, January 7, 2017, at 8:30PM EST on Disney XD.

Source: Disney XD Press

8 comments on “Descriptions for ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Episodes 312-315

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  3. In Rogue One, Jyn and Cassian find a plan called “Darksaber.” Since then, I wonder what it might have to do with Mandalore, Sabine, and Pre Viszla’s legacy. Or does it have to do with Maul owning the darksaber for a bit? I’ve been musing on that for a couple weeks.

    • The plan is called ‘Black Saber’ not Darksaber

    • They find something called Black Saber, so yeah, I’ve been wondering if it’s something related to the darksaber and Sabine/Mandalorians. I can’t wait to hear/find out more on that!

  4. This show just gets better and better!

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