‘Star Wars Rebels’ December 2016 Roundup


  • Gary Whitta revealed on Twitter that he wrote two more episodes for the third season. In the first half of the season, he wrote “The Antilles Extraction” and “The Wynkahthu Job.”
  • Is Lucasfilm recruiting for a new Star Wars television series? Lucas Siegel found a job listing looking for a new storyboard artist to work on “an Episodic TV series.” Read more about it over at
  • A Tumblr user captured a TV promo of the “Ghosts of Geonosis” episode airing on January 7. You can watch the video on Tumblr.
  • Steven Melching and the Star Wars Rebels crew received a WGA (Writers Guild Award) nomination for “A Princess on Lothal.” Melching wrote, “This will be a day long remembered. Deeply honored, and shared with our whole Season 2 writing team.”
  • A critique Star Wars Rebels often gets from the fans is that the show should do story arcs (similar to those seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars). In response to that, Steven Melching wrote, “We do arcs on Star Wars Rebels. Maul, Thrawn, and Sabine for example. They’re just looser, and play out over the season/series … It would be nice to have more than 21 minutes! We do 2-part episodes, but for TV we have to give some resolution to each story.”
  • recently unveiled the artwork for the Star Wars Celebration Orlando badges. The photorealistic sketches by Paul Shipper include the main cast of Star Wars Rebels, “The first ones that I got the reference images for was for the Rebels characters, so they’re the ones I first did. Yeah, it was a bit of a challenge. I don’t draw many animated characters, really. Most of them are from film or TV or real people. So it was slightly different, and it was a funny place to start. But that’s what I had to work with to start, so it was like, ‘Okay, let’s go for it.’”

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  • Tiya Sircar of Star Wars Rebels Honors Carrie Fisher in Gold Bikini Insta: ‘No One Will Ever Pull It Off Like She Did’ (People)

Books and Comics

  • Unfortunately, the Star Wars Rebels Magazine will no longer be published by Titan Magazines. That said, the comics will continue to be published in Germany.

I regret to inform you that Star Wars Rebels Magazine has now ceased publishing. Therefore, you will have now received your last issue as part of your current subscription.

We are looking to launch a brand-new Star Wars Magazine later on in 2017 that will replace Star Wars Rebels Magazine. If you are happy to do so, you can continue your current subscription with the upcoming new title. You will continue to receive the same number of issues you initially ordered.

As it stands, we do not have a final release date for the launch. Therefore, we will be contacting you again in a few months time to provide you with an update.

  • On Twitter, Eva Widermann shared a few images of the latest Star Wars Rebels Magazine comic featuring Mizel and Reann.


  • As tweeted by EAStarWars, one of the weapons included in Star Wars Battlefront is the CJ-9 Bo-Rifle, a weapon similar to the one Zeb uses in the series (pictured below).
  • According to Rebel Transmission, Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus are playable characters in the upcoming Star Wars: Force Arena mobile app game (pictured below).


  • Dave Filoni interview from the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Red Carpet World Premiere (Disneyland Experience)
  • Everything Geek Podcast announced that they’ll be interviewing David Shaughnessy (Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko and Taskmaster Myles Grint) and Mario Vernazza (Vult Skerris). Stay tuned for more updates on that.
  • Pablo Hidalgo: Red Five Standing By (NPR)
  • Sam Witwer Teases Darth Maul’s Return to Star Wars Rebels “He’s Trying to Fix the Hurt” (
  • spoke with Lucasfilm’s Matt Martin
  • ‘Star Wars Rebels’ actor Sam Witwer talks Darth Maul (NY Daily News)
  • Taylor Gray appeared in Podcast 66‘s 2016 Sithmas Special

Fan Creations

  • Writers Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel teamed up with writer Ryan Cady and a group of comic book artists to work on “Tales From the Far, Far Away: Volume 2.” You can download the 80-page comic over at io9!
  • A friend of writer E. K. Johnston (Ahsoka) made Ahsoka Tano cookies (pictured below).
  • NiteOwlWorkshop created an adorable Ahsoka Tano plush doll (pictured below).
  • Tumblr user aceofstars16 baked Star Wars Rebels cookies for the holidays!
  • Check out this awesome Ezra Bridger inspired satchel by DuaeCat over at Etsy (pictured below).
  • Tumblr user cstrawnster made cute plush dolls of Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus, and Captain Rex (pictured below).

Star Wars Rebels Fan Art

Star Wars Rebels Tweets

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