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New “Ghosts of Geonosis” Promo Features ‘Rogue One’ Footage

Before Saw Gerrera made his live-action debut on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, he was on a mission to investigate Geonosis.

The crew returns to Geonosis in search of a missing rebel team sent to investigate suspicious activity there and are surprised by what they find. After finding a missing rebel team member, the Ghost crew discovers another surprise on Geonosis and work to conceal it from Imperial Forces.

In a Disney XD promo, we get a few more glimpses into the upcoming two-part mid-season premiere, “Ghosts of Geonosis.” We see the Ghost crew defending themselves against Clone War battle droids, a Geonosian drawing an image of the Death Star on the ground, and Saw forcibly taking what appears to be an egg.

Watch it on: Tumblr | Twitter

The promo also uses footage from the Rogue One teaser trailer, and even though some of it didn’t appear in the final version of the film, the clips demonstrate and emphasize how Saw went from a rebel to extremist.

My favorite line, of course, comes from Ezra when he tells Saw, “You’re no better than the Empire,” in response to Saw’s statement about not showing mercy to the enemy. It’s consistent with his previous statement in “Iron Squadron” when he said, “How we choose to fight is just as important as what we fight for.” Ezra’s not the “ends justify the means” type, so I’m really interested to see what lessons he comes away with from the mid-season opener.

What are your thoughts on the promo? Share them in the comments section below.

Catch the special two-part episode on Saturday, January 7, 2017, on Disney XD at 8:30PM EST, and watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in theaters now.

6 comments on “New “Ghosts of Geonosis” Promo Features ‘Rogue One’ Footage

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  2. Is this different to trailer from before xmas? I can’t see it as not available in UK region. Any other link?

    • There’s two additional links below the video. One leading to TWG’s Tumblr and Twitter. You should be able to see those, since they’re uploads and not direct links to YouTube.

  3. Jon Hodges

    Very cool :) I think we are in for a treat :)

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