A Closer Look at the Her Universe “May the Force” Denim Jacket

First off, it feels really great to get new Her Universe clothes again. When the site went offline back in November, I found myself going to often out of habit. The site is now fully operational and one of the first things I had to buy as soon as it relaunched was the new “May the Force” denim jacket.

One of the new benefits available on Her Universe is $4.99 standard shipping. I purchased it on Tuesday, January 24, received a shipping notice with a FedEx tracking number the following day, and the package was delivered on Saturday via USPS. Since my business was closed on Saturday, however, the package was re-delivered the next business. I’m very happy that there was no general delay with the order and that it arrived within a few days of purchase. The origin address is La Vergne, Tennessee, so that explains how it got so quickly to New York City. Before, Her Universe used to ship from California (if I recall correctly), so it took a few days longer to cross the country.

When it comes to bust size, I’m about 41-42 inches, so my go-to size when it comes to Her Universe is XL. When I tried it on, it fit true to my measurements. It was, however, an inch or so longer on the sleeve, but I recommend rolling up the sleeves, as seen in Ashley Eckstein’s photoshoot with the jacket.

Here are some close-up photos:


The jacket uses standard tack buttons. There’s six in total running down along the opening of the jacket.

The pen I used in the breast pocket photos is about 5.5 inches long. The pockets are a great place to store money, a standard mall business card holder, and lipstick/lip balm.

There are two side pockets and they’re about 5 inches wide. The book seen inside the pocket is Virginia Hamilton’s Bluish. Its measurements are 7 inches tall and 5.25 wide. So for those of you who carry around large phones and wallets, your belongings will definitely be safe inside these pockets!


When you open up the jacket, you’ll see the embroidery of the lettering found on the back of the jacket.

When I held the jacket up, I noticed that there was some light shining through by the Her Universe logo. When I gave it a closer look, I got the impression that there was a tag that was originally sewn in. It left a distinct rectangle behind. It makes me curious as to what was there before. Chances are I’ll end up covering it with a patch somewhere down the line, so it doesn’t bother me personally.

For anyone who’s curious about the care that’s needed for this jacket, I also took pictures of the tags inside.

Lastly, here’s another look at the Virginia Hamilton book that I used for comparison earlier. As a reminder, its measurements are 7 inches tall and 5.25 wide. I slipped the book inside the inner pocket with ease, so those of us with bigger phones will have plenty of storage in the inner pockets.

Overall, I’m very glad to have this piece in my wardrobe, especially given the pin-and-patch trend that allows you to customize your jacket however you want. I don’t have a denim jacket, so if you’re planning to get one to wear for the spring and fall, then consider grabbing the “May the Force” jacket. The jacket is $95, but I managed to get it with the 25% off welcome back coupon that you get when you sign up with Her Universe. That brought it down to $71.25.

The only other Star Wars denim jacket that comes to mind is the $60 black denim jacket from WeLoveFine by Goldie. That one, however, comes with dark side patches already embroidered onto the jacket. I’m not a dark side kind of fan, so the Her Universe denim jacket will allow me to customize it more with Star Wars themes and characters that I love. Additionally, the Her Universe denim jacket comes in junior sizes and extended sizes, so it’ll appeal to a variety of women.

Looking to add the jacket to your growing collection of Star Wars fashion? Head on over to Her Universe today!

Have any questions regarding the “May the Force” denim jacket? Share them in the comments section.

UPDATE: Here are some questions I received about the jacket that might be useful.

Q: How’s the weight/quality of the denim? Thinking of purchasing. Ideal for SoCal weather perhaps. (Source)
A: It’s not thick, but it’s also not too thin. Whether you’re on the eastern or western coast, I think it’ll be great for spring and fall weather. It’s definitely not meant to be worn during the sweltering summer or the frigid winter.

Note: All photographs belong to The Wookiee Gunner (TWG). Please do not re-post without permission. 


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