A Closer Look at Elhoffer Design’s Bromance Cardigan

While I haven’t reached a deep connection with Star Wars: The Force Awakens as many other fans have since its release in 2015, there are certain parts and aspects of the movie I adore, such as the Finn/Poe Dameron jacket. There have been a few interpretations of the jacket, including those from Her UniverseWeLoveFine, and ThinkGeek, but my favorite version of the jacket is not even a jacket at all. It’s the Bromance Cardigan by Elhoffer Design.

Catherine Elhoffer specializes and excels in creating geek inspired garments that are every fangirl’s dream come true. They’re not loud and obvious statements, but they’re subtle and sophisticated pieces that work in any situation. When the Bromance Cardigan popped up on her website, I just had to get my hands on it. Not only is it the perfect piece of attire to wear in a working environment, but it captured the iconic details so well that I look forward to wearing it at Star Wars Celebration Orlando.

When I see blue packaging, I know right away that it’s an Elhoffer Design package. The cardigan came wrapped in blue tissue paper and holding it all together was the Elhoffer Design logo on a sticker. The logo also appears on a plaque on the back of the cardigan beneath the ribbed high neck, giving proper credit to its creator and making it easy for others to spot. The cardigan itself is cropped at the waist, and the front features a single button at the neckband.

To some, the dark red accents are just ordinary, decorative details on the cardigan, but to Star Wars fans in the vicinity, they’ll know you’re part of the Resistance. This is what I love about subtle geek wear and what Elhoffer Design does so well. I also love that the red accent on the right has a raised detail beneath it, giving the cardigan more character.

The cardigan has a ribbed hem that prevents it from rolling up as well as full sleeves that have a special ribbing detail along the side that acts similar to the ribbing detail on the sleeves of the original jacket. It’s a very clever decorative element that transforms a standard sleeve into one that stands out from the rest.

The photo on the left provides a closer look at the ribbing detail from the inside of the cardigan as well as the finished seams. In terms of care, the tag on the inside recommends hand washing the sweater in cold water and tumble drying it in low heat. That said, the website recommends not putting it in the dryer and that it should be dried flat instead. I’ll be using the instructions from the website, since I wouldn’t want the cardigan to suffer any damage during the drying process.


Overall, the cardigan’s medium/heavy weight knit is just right and it feels great on the skin. I also normally wear XL when it comes to my clothes and this XL cardigan fit perfectly. Unfortunately, the XL sizes are sold out on the website, but if you don’t mind a fitted look, you could purchase a Large instead.

The cardigan is currently priced at $58, but when I first pre-ordered it, it was $45. Remember that it’s important to pre-order the items you want not only to get the initial low price, but also, if Elhoffer Design doesn’t reach a minimum order, the product will end up getting cancelled. The demand needs to be there in order for the production to begin. That’s how most small businesses work, so keep that in mind for future pre-orders.

Head on over to to purchase this cardigan today!


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